Electric Rickshaw in India – E Rickshaw Price List in India【2023】

Electric Rickshaw Price List – E-Rickshaw Price List in India 2023

E-Rickshaw Price List:- Hey, Guys, Hi! I hope you all doing well and Welcome to our site. Today here in this post, You can get the Electric Rickshaw Price List in India 2023. e rickshaw price in Delhi, up, Kanpur, Noida, Lucknow, Bihar, Varanasi, Patna, Mahindra e rickshaw price.

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E-Rickshaw Price List

Electric rickshaws have been becoming more familiar in some cities since 2008 as an option to auto rickshaws and rent rickshaws because of their low fuel cost, and less human effort compared to rent rickshaws.

It is also known as electric tuk-tuks or e-rickshaws, or too. They are widely taken as an alternative to /diesel/CNG/petrol auto rickshaws.

List of E-Rickshaw in India

  • Terra Motors E-Rickshaw
  • Mahindra E-Rickshaw
  • SPEEGO E-Rickshaw
  • ETuk USA E-Rickshaw
  • Atul E-Rickshaw
  • Lohia E-Rickshaw
  • HERO E-Rickshaw
  • Save E-Rickshaw
  • Mayuri E-Rickshaw

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Terra Motors E-Rickshaw


Terra Motors Y4A Samurai E-Rickshaw

Rs 1.3 Lakh

Terra Motors Y4 E-Rickshaw Price in India and Specifications

Terra Motors Y4 E-Rickshaw

Rs 1.2 Lakh

Terra Motors Y4A E-Rickshaw Price in India Specifications & Photos

Terra Motors Y4A E-Rickshaw

Rs 1.3 Lakh

Mahindra E-Rickshaw

Mahindra E-alfa Mini Electric Rickshaw price in India

Mahindra e-Alfa Mini Electric Rickshaw

Rs.1.12 lakh

Jezza E-Rickshaw

JEZZA Super J1000 Electric Rickshaw Price Features & Images

JEZZA Super J1000 Electric Rickshaw

Rs 1.1 Lakh

JEZZA Motors J1000 Electric Rickshaw Price in India Specs & Features

JEZZA Motors J1000 Electric Rickshaw

Rs 1 Lakh

SPEEGO E-Rickshaw


SPEEGO Morni DLX + Passenger E-Rickshaw

Rs 1.2 LAKH 


SPEEGO DLX + E-Rickshaw

Rs 1.2 LAKH 


Morni DLX Passenger E-Rickshaw

Rs 1 Lakh

SPEEGO DLX Passenger E-Rickshaw

Rs 85,000

SPEEGO CR E-Cart (Commercial Loader)

Rs 1 Lakh

SPEEGO Passenger E-Rickshaw

Rs 81,000 

ETuk USA E-Rickshaw

ETuk USA Vendor Three Wheeler Price Specs & Pics

ETuk USA Vendor Three Wheeler

$19,995 + Taxes

E-Tuk USA Limo E-Rickshaw

$19,995 + Taxes

E-Tuk USA Classic Electric Rickshaw Price

E-Tuk USA Classic Electric Rickshaw


Atul  E-Rickshaw

Atul Elite Cargo E-Rickshaw Overview

Atul Elite Cargo E-Rickshaw

Rs.1 Lakh (Approx)


Atul Elite Passenger E-Rickshaw

Rs.1 Lakh (Approx)

Kinetic E-Rickshaw


Kinetic Safar E-Rickshaw

Rs 1.48 lakh

Lohia  E-Rickshaw

Lohia Comfort E-Rickshaw Price Specifications, Key Features & Images

Lohia Comfort E-Rickshaw

Rs.1.49 Lakh


Lohia Comfort Plus E-Rickshaw

Rs.1.49 Lakh


HERO E-Rickshaw

HERO Raahii E Rickshaw Specs Overview

HERO Raahii E Rickshaw

Rs.1.10 Lakh.

City Life E-Rickshaw

City Life XV-850 E Rickshaw  NA

City Life XV-850 With Accessories E Rickshaw



 CityLife Loader XV-MAX E Rickshaw


Save E-Rickshaw

Save E-Rickshaw


Save E-Loader Price in India

Save E-Loader


Save E-Garbage Van Price

Save E-Garbage Van


Save E-School Van Price in India

Save E-School Van


Mayuri  E-Rickshaw

Mayuri Express E-Rickshaw

Mayuri Express E-Rickshaw


Mayuri Passenger E-Rickshaw

Mayuri Passenger E-Rickshaw


Mayuri E-Auto

Mayuri E-Auto


Mayuri Delux E-Rickshaw (I Cat Approved) price in India

Mayuri Delux E-Rickshaw


Mayuri I Cat Approved E-Rickshaw price in india

Mayuri I Cat Approved E-Rickshaw


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