SPEEGO CR E-Cart (Commercial Loader) Price Specifications & Key Facts

SPEEGO CR E-Cart (Commercial Loader)

‘The SPEEGO E-Cart (Commercial Loader) loading vehicle which can take large load capacity and It can be transformed to use for various commercial purposes lVegetableable Stall, Ice Cream Parlour, chart stalls, Mini Dhaba etc

So, here in this post, you can get to know about the SPEEGO E-Cart (Commercial Loader) Price in India, technical Specifications & Key Facts and Images, I hope That all kinds of information helpful to you for buy or sells this model Electric Loader Three wheeler.

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SPEEGO CR E-Cart (Commercial Loader) Price in India

Price: Rs 1 Lakh

SPEEGO CR E-Cart (Commercial Loader) Features

  • Strong Single frame
  • Big Loading Space
  • Hydrallic Shocker In Container
  • Front Hydrallic Shocker
  • Strong Chasis

SPEEGO E-Cart (Commercial Loader) Specifications

Dimensions 2735x1000x1315
Seating Capacity 310 Kg + 1 Driver (as per CMVR)
Tyre Size 90x90x12, 3.75×12
Battery Type JPM/Altima
Electricity Consumption/Charge 5-6 Unit
Charging Time 8-10 Hours
Range Per Charge *90 km & Above
Motor Max Power 1620 W & 48 V (Input)
Motor Type BLDC
Max Speed 25 Km / hr
Controller 24 Tubes 50 Amp.
Charger 10-15 Amp. Copper
Front Powerful Shocker Helical Spring with dampener with
hydraulic telescopic, shock absorber
Rear Suspension Leaf Spring Carriage Spring
with Rear Shocker
Brakes Drum brakes, actuated internal,
Expanding shoe type, Combined
Steering Handle bar type
System Voltage 12V (DC)
Performance Excellent
Rim Alloy Wheel / Steel Rim
Feature Stronger Chasis, Single Pipe has been Bend at Triple Points.
Advantage More Load Carrying Capacity & enhanced Durability.
Benefit Long Life of Vehicle and No need of additional Reinforcements.
Features Front Indicator and Flush Type Rear Indicators.
Advantage Less Chance of Breakage during Sharp Turns & Prevents Water from Seeping in.
Benefit Stylish Look & Low Maintenance.
Features High Power & Torque.
Advantage Better Pickup and Gradeability.
Benefit Easy Climbing over Slopes even under Loaded Condition.

That was all about the SPEEGO E-Cart (Commercial Loader), I hope you like it, But if you have any questions about this article, then please comment below in the comment box, I will solve your problem solution as soon and if you like it so please share with your friends and on social media, Thanks for visiting our site and stay tuned with me for more stuff like. Keep Smile, Take care your family.

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