Komatsu Mini Excavators Price List 2024

Komatsu PC35MR-5 Mini Excavator Price

Komatsu Mini Excavators Price, Specs, Review, Weight, Overview Komatsu mini-excavators Construction Equipment shares many of the features of Komatsu’s mid-size excavators. But more importantly, these Komatsu mini’s are constructed like their bigger brothers to handle the demands of construction work rather than the light-duty some of the competition is designed for. Climb on one of these … Read more

Komatsu PC50 Specifications – KOMATSU PC50MR-2 EXCAVATOR

Komatsu PC50 Specifications

Komatsu PC50 Specifications KOMATSU PC50MR-2 Engine Aspiration Natural Displacement 134 cu in (0 m) Engine Model 3D88E-5 Max Torque 102.6 lbs/ft Net Power 39.4 hp (29 kw) Number of Cylinders 4 Power Measured @ 2350 rpm Torque Measured @ 1440 rpm KOMATSU PC50MR-2 Operating Specifications Alternator Supplied Amperage 40 A Cooling System Fluid Capacity 1.9 … Read more

Komatsu PC2000-8 Mining Excavator Price, Specifications & Features

Komatsu PC2000-8 Hydraulic Excavator Price

Komatsu PC2000-8 Price, Specs, Review, Overview Komatsu’s construction equipment “Operator First” design concept is exemplified in the Komatsu PC2000-8 Hydraulic Excavator. The cab is built for mining with 30% more cab volume, a full front window with two wipers, OPG level 2 top cab guard, extensive exterior lighting, a 7” LCD color monitor with Eco-gauge … Read more

Komatsu PC5500-6 Mining Shovel Specs, Price & Features

Komatsu PC5500-6 Mining Shovel Price

Komatsu PC5500-6 Mining Shovel Specs, Price, Features, Overview The 1.1 million pounds Komatsu PC5500-6 Mining Shovel Features two 1260 hp diesel motors. If a mine would prefer to use electrical power, the Komatsu PC5500-6 Mining Shovel can be provided with two electric motors instead of diesel. Like smaller Komatsu mining excavators, backhoe or shovel fronts … Read more