Komatsu PC5500-6 Mining Shovel Specs, Price & Features

Komatsu PC5500-6 Mining Shovel Specs, Price, Features, Overview

The 1.1 million pounds Komatsu PC5500-6 Mining Shovel Features two 1260 hp diesel motors. If a mine would prefer to use electrical power, the Komatsu PC5500-6 Mining Shovel can be provided with two electric motors instead of diesel. Like smaller Komatsu mining excavators, backhoe or shovel fronts can be fitted to the Komatsu PC5500-6.

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Komatsu PC5500-6 Mining Shovel Video


Komatsu PC5500-6 Mining Shovel Price

Komatsu PC5500-6 Mining Shovel Price

Komatsu PC5500-6 Price: $5,075,000 USD


Komatsu PC5500-6 Mining Shovel Standard Features

Komatsu PC5500-6 Mining Shovel Standard Features

Diesel Engine:

  • Low engine emission levels Tier 2 certificated
  • Two Komatsu SDA12V159E-2 Tier 2 engines
  • Rated (each) 940 kW (1260 HP) at 1800 rpm
  • Electronic engine management
  • Time-saving Engine Oil Management System; Centinel, Engine Reserve Oil Supply andEliminator Oil Filter System


Quality in Manufacturing

  • Occupational health and safety management system BS OHSAS 18001:2007
  • High consistent quality through continuous investment in personnel, design and manufacturing systems and processes
  • Commitment to „Quality and Reliability“
  • Quality management ISO 9001
  • Environmental management ISO 14001



  • Large surface area and extensive precision hardening of all engaging components reduce rack wear
  • Hardened track link pin bores
  • Large diameter rollers, idlers and sprockets


Reliability and Durability

  • Long life and low operating cost by design
  • Robust structural design developed from field experience and finite element analysis



  • Proven attachment design
  • All cylinders mounted in the shadow of the attachment for protection
  • Various buckets and wear packages to suit all material densities and properties
  • Designed for more tons per hour
  • Powerful digging forces
  • Ease of bucket filling


Advanced Hydraulics

  • Comprehensive monitored filtration
  • Simple open circuit hydraulic system with high efficiency swing out oil coolers
  • Extended reliability and precise control


Large Comfortable Cab

  • Comprehensive climate control with pressurized filtered air ventilation and air conditioning
  • High specification multi-adjustable air suspension seat plus trainer seat
  • Well elevated operator position giving good all round view
  • Large wash wiper covers windshield area for excellent visibility
  • Comfortable for the whole day
  • Komatsu low noise cab on multiple viscous mounts for reduced noise and vibration
  • Large volume cab with full height front window


Easy Maintenance

  • KOMTRAX Plus electronic monitoring system providing real-time information about the operating status of the machine
  • Ground-level access to hydraulically powered swing down service arm with Wiggins connections
  • Acknowledges EMESRT design philosophies
  • Simple, common-sense design provides easy access to all major components
  • Generous access to all major service points from machinery house floor level
  • Enclosed, walk-in machinery house with partition wall separating engine from pump area
  • Automatic central lubrication


Komatsu PC5500-6 Specs

Komatsu PC5500-6 Mining Shovel Specifications

Model 2 x Komatsu SDA12V159E-2
Type 4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection
Aspiration Turbocharged and aftercooled
Number of cylinders 12
Rated power @ 1800 rpm 
(SAE 1995/J1349)
2 x 940 kW, 2 x 1,260 HP
Governor All-speed, electronic
Center frame H-type
Track frame Steel box-section
Crawler Assembly
Track adjustment Automatic hydraulic type
Number of track shoes 46 each side
Number of top rollers 3 each side
Number of bottom rollers 7 each side
Electric System (Diesel Version)
System 24 V
Batteries (series/parallel) 8 x 12 V
Alternator 2 x 140 A
Standard working lights 14 LED lights
Standard service lights throughout the platform
Travel and Break System
Travel control 2 foot pedals
Gradeability Up to 50%
Travel speed (maximum) 2.1 km/h, 1.4 mph
Service brake Hydraulic brake
Parking brake Wet, multiple-disc
Swing System
Hydraulic motors and drives 2
Swing brake, service Hydraulic brake
Swing brake, parking Wet, multiple-disc
Swing ring teeth External
Swing speed (maximum) 3.1 rpm
Electric Drive
Type 2x Squirrel cage induction motor
Power output 2 x 900 kW
Voltage 6000 – 7200 V*
Amperage (approximate) 2 x 96 A – 2 x 80 A
Start-up Soft start each motor in succession
Frequency standard 60 Hz @ 1800 rpm
Frequency option 50 Hz @ 1500 rpm
Electric System (Electric Version)
System 24 V
Batteries (series/parallel) 8 x 12 V
Standard working lights 14 LED lights
Standard service lights throughout the platform
Hydraulic System
Rated flow (total output) 4200 ltr/min,  1110 gpm
Relief valve setting 310 bar,  4,495 psi
Swing flow rate 700 ltr/min,  185 gpm
High pressure in line filters
one per pump located at the valve blocks
200 microns
Full flow return line filters (10 double elements)
at the head of hydraulic tank
10 micron
Case drain/by-pass return line filters 3 micron
Service Capacities
Hydraulic oil tank 3715 ltr,  982 U.S. gal
Hydraulic system 6000 ltr,  1,585 U.S. gal
Fuel 10355ltr,  2,736 U.S. gal
Engine coolant 2x 360 ltr,  2x 95 U.S. gal
Engine oil 2x 190 ltr,  2x 50 U.S. gal
Centinel engine oil make up tank 2x 500 ltr,  2x 132 U.S. gal


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luckson nyirongo
luckson nyirongo
3 years ago

some pc 5500 uses the cummins engine,whats the type of cummins engine are those?

I would like to know the pump descriptions which are coupled to the p.t.o.