About me

First of all thank you very much for visiting my blog and showing interest in knowing the person behind this blog. My name is Suraj and I’m an engineer by profession and a computer geek by heart.

My father is a civil engineer and I gown up seeing him constructing beautiful buildings. When I was a kid I loved to go on his construction sites and watching the giant’s machines. I’m seeing this construction equipment’s since my childhood. After watching my dad, I can understand the importance of all construction machines ( earth movers, skid steers, Excavator, road roller, and more) in the construction world.

After completing my computer engineering I decided to help my father in buying new machines for his company. But the problem I faced while collecting the information about the construction equipment and other farming equipment was:

There is no specific blog or site dedicated to all vehicle. There are sites which were providing info’s about their own products, so you must go through all the site by site and list all the specification and details. This process made me tired, the idea of this blog came from this tiring process. I decided to make one place that helps all the people finding their desired machines, accurate specification, trustable sources where they can find the genuine data, and my unbiased review about the product.

A2z is just started please have patience will add all the vehicle here. Comment if you need any vehicle info or comparison of any machines. I will try my best to add that info as soon as possible.

Hope you are enjoying your life. Thank you again for visiting my dream. Lots of love. Hope it will help.