Vermeer Stump Grinders Price List 2024

Vermeer Stump Grinders 2024 Price

Vermeer is a company that manufactures stump grinders, commonly referred to as stump cutters, and is suitable for residential and commercial use.

The stump grinders they make have been designed to be apprehensive, efficient, and easy to maintain.

Vermeer stump grinders vary between 25-74 horsepower, which makes them suitable for all landscaping or stump removal projects.

The company has been making stump grinders since 1950, and their equipment has reduced the time required to remove stumps and is difficult to back.

Vermeer stump grinders are available either new or refurbished from various rental and equipment dealers.

An excellent example of the Vermeer stump-grinder is SC292, a self-propelled model equipped with a 26.5 horsepower EFI Kohler engine that provides powerful power in a compact machine.

Vermeer SC30TX Stump Cutter

Vermeer SC30TX Specs

Price:  $18,000 USD (Approx.)

The Vermeer SC30TX Stump Cuttermodified operator presence handle design is now manufactured with a more intricate exterior to improve wear and appearance. Vermeer SC30TX Stump Cutter user-friendly handle system provides additional capacitance sensing capability and is intended to help protect the operator. READ MORE.

Vermeer SC292 Stump Cutter

Vermeer SC292 Specs

Price:  $25,900 USD (Approx.)

The self-propelled Vermeer SC292 stump cutter is fitted with a 26.5 hp (19.8 kW) EFI Kohler engine delivering full-sized power in a compact unit.

Convenience and safety features include an exclusive Vermeer Yellow Jacket™ Cutter System, hydraulic ground drive system and operator presence handle system design that disengages the cutter wheel if the operator lets go of the controls.

Reduce engine, drivetrain and structural stress in typical stump removal with the optional AutoSweep function that automatically changes the cutter wheel sweep rate.

The Vermeer SC292 stump cutter is a great addition to any tree care and rental equipment fleet, a ideal complement to any Vermeer brush chipper or mini skid steer. READ MORE.

Vermeer SC362 Stump Cutter

Vermeer SC362 Stump Cutter Price, Specs, Weight, Review

Price:  $24,720 USD (Approx.)

Vermeer has expanded its stump cutter lineup, offering increased choices for the customer. Vermeer SC362 Stump Cutter equipped with a 35-hp (26.1 kW) Vanguard engine, a hydraulic ground drive and a belt-driven cutter head, the Vermeer SC362 Stump Cutter provides operators with great power and maneuverability to take out medium-sized stumps with the productivity and reliability that the field demands.

The Vermeer SC362 Stump Cutter is an excellent addition to any tree care or rental equipment fleet and the fitting complement to any Vermeer brush chipper or mini skid steer. READ MORE.

Vermeer SC382 Stump Cutter

Vermeer SC382 specs

Price: $35,000 USD (Approx.)

This Vermeer SC382 Stump Cutter has a 37 hp (26.1 kW) EFI Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine.

The optimized cutting wheel on the Vermeer SC382 Stump Cutter gives this machine aggressive cutting capabilities.

Vermeer SC382 Stump Cutter Along with the standard four-wheel drive and the optional front blade, this model is the full package for stump cutting from start to finish. READ MORE.

Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter

Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter Price, Specs, Weight, Reviews

Price: The base price is around $70,000.

The Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter can fit into tight spaces in a residential area. The track system is designed to decrease ground disturbance.

The Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter has safety features such as the patented capacitance-sensing operator presence system and wheel brake to help you feel confident on the work. READ MORE.

Vermeer SC552 Stump Cutter

Vermeer SC552 Stump Cutter Price, Specs, Weight, Reviews

The Vermeer SC552 stump cutter has a starting price of $46,999.

The Vermeer SC552 stump cutter is designed to maneuver through tough job site conditions. A unique four-bar linkage allows the cutter wheel to move away from the machine as the boom drops toward the stump, reducing the need to reposition the entire unit.

Vermeer SC552 stump cutter can achieve cutting heights of 31 in (78.7 cm) above ground and 25 in (63.5 cm) below grade.

The four-wheel drive and variable speed control give the Vermeer SC552 stump cutter traction in difficult ground conditions, and an optional remote provides propel, boom and steering function control.

Chips can be easily moved on the job site with the standard 34-inch (86.4 cm) wide front-mounted chip blade. READ MORE.

Vermeer SC802 Stump Cutter

Vermeer SC802 Stump Cutter

 A new 2024 model typically costs around $50,000. Vermeer SC802 Stump Cutter Cut, the big jobs down to size with the powerful 74 hp (55.2 kW), turbo-charged.

Between its patented AutoSweep® gear-drive cutter system and an amazing 103 in (262 cm) sweep arch and 60 in (152 cm) tongue extension, the SC802 makes short work of even big, tough hardwood stumps.

Vermeer SC852 Stump Cutter

Vermeer SC852 Stump Cutter

The base price is around $60,000. The Vermeer SC852 Stump Cutter can glide through a standard gate and still deliver 74 hp (55 kW) of stump-grinding power with a Deutz TD2.9L Tier 4 Final engine.

The Vermeer SC852 Stump Cutter Yellow Jacket™ Cutter System helps extend pocket and tooth life and facilitates routine maintenance.

All-wheel drive, varying speed and heavy-duty rubber tires ease you in and around residential or off-road job sites.

This powerful Vermeer SC852 Stump Cutter also presents updates like the operator’s presence, a remote mounted cooling system, SmartSweep™, a new fuel tank design, and hydraulic updates.

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