Vermeer SC382 Stump Cutter Price, Specs, Weight, Review 2023

Vermeer SC382 Price, Specs, Weight, Horsepower, Review

Vermeer SC382 specs are listed below. When reviewing the technical specifications of the Vermeer SC382 Stump Cutter, we advise keeping the model year in mind.

The manufacturer’s manuals were used to publish the Vermeer SC382 weight, horsepower, Cutter wheel Speed, and other specifications.

Confirm the price, technical specifications with your seller before buying the Vermeer SC382 Stump Cutter. We will add the Vermeer SC382 review video at last of the article to help you with your purchase.

Vermeer SC382 Stump Cutter Price, Specs, Weight, Review

This Vermeer SC382 Stump Cutter has a 37 hp (26.1 kW) EFI Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine. The optimized cutting wheel on the Vermeer SC382 Stump Cutter gives this machine aggressive cutting capabilities.

Vermeer SC382 Stump Cutter Along with the standard four-wheel drive and the optional front blade, this model is the full package for stump cutting from start to finish.

Vermeer SC382 Stump Cutter Price New

Price:  $35,000 USD (Approx.)

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Vermeer SC382 Weight

weight: 582.9 kg

Vermeer SC382 Horsepower

Gross Horsepower: 37 hp

Vermeer SC382 specs

Vermeer SC382 Specs


Make and Model Briggs & Stratton Vanguard EFI
Number of Cylinders 2
Gross Horsepower (Maximum) 27.6 kw
Torque (Max) 66.4 Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity 37.9 L
Max Fuel Consumption 12.1 lph
Fuel Type Gas
Air Cleaner Dry-type safety element and restriction indicator
Oil Filter Spin-on
Recommended Oil 10W30 (See engine manual)
Oil Volume with Filter 2.4 L
Maximum Angle of Continuous Operation 25 deg
Cooling Medium Air
Alternator 20/50 amp (rpm-based)
Clutch Type Electric clutch with brake


Cutterwheel Diameter without Teeth 43.2 cm
Cutterwheel Thickness 1.3 cm
Cutterwheel Speed 1560 rpm
Cutterwheel Straight Line Dimension 119.4 cm
Cutterwheel Cut Above Ground 61 cm
Cutterwheel Cut Below Ground 38.1 cm
Tooth Description Yellow Jacket cutter system
Number of Teeth 20
Number of Indexes 2
Number of Pockets 20
Reversible Pockets/Teeth 20
Cutterwheel Guard Standard
Chip Containment .2 cu m


Belt Type V-belt
Number of Primary Belts 2 individual (matched pair)
Jackshaft Dimension 1.3
Jackshaft Bearing Type Sealed ball
Bearing Dimensions 1.3 bore
Number of Secondary Belts 6 banded
Cutterwheel Shaft 1.8″ (4.8 cm)
Bearing Dimensions – Secondary Belt 1.8″ (4.8 cm) double spherical roller pillow block
Tank capacity 24.6 L
Recommended Oil Type Vermeer HyPower 68
System Type Open-loop series system
Filtration Method 10 micron fill strainer and 6 micron return filter
Pump Flow at Maximum RPM 24.2 L/min
System relief pressure 170.3 bar
Flow Control SmartSweep
Directional Control Electric over hydraulic


System Voltage 12 V
Battery 400 CCA
Standard Gauges
Warning Lights Oil pressure, engine fault, operator presence status, clutch engage/disengage status
Switches Two-speed 2×4 and 4×4 ground drive, cutter wheel engage/disengage, creep, blade (if applicable)
Controller Danfoss
Shutdown System
Engine low oil pressure
Frame Description Welded tube and plate steel
Control Station Description Fixed side location
Toolbox Description Standard
Hitch Type
Steerable Axle Type Hydraulic steering, oscillating axle
Degree of Oscillation 12 deg
Tires – Option One 5.7″x 8″ (14.5 x 20.3 cm) dual standard
Fender Description Yes
Axle/Suspension Rigid/fixed (rear)
Brake Type Spring-applied, hydraulic release at rear motors
Low Speed Travel 19.8 m/min
High Speed Travel 39.6 m/min
Chip Blade Dimension Optional – 33″ (83.8 cm) wide, 12″ (30.5 cm) tall
Blade Travel Above Ground 20.3 cm
Blade Travel Below Ground 6.4 cm
Length 299.7 cm
Width 127.3 cm
Height 134.6 cm
Overall Width Transport (without duals) 90.2 cm
Weight – Engine Option One 884.5 kg
Weight With Chip Blade Option (Additional) 38

Vermeer SC382 Stump Cutter Features

37 hp (26.1 kW) EFI Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine

The Vermeer SC382 Stump Cutter has a 37 hp (26.1 kW) EFI Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine.

Standard four-wheel drive

The Vermeer SC382 Stump Cutter has standard four-wheel drive to offer traction and manoeuvrability in difficult transport conditions.

Operator presence system

The Vermeer SC382 Stump Cutter operator presence system enhances operator safety by automatically stopping the cutter wheel when the operator releases the hydraulic cutter wheel controls.

The optional hydraulic front blade

The Vermeer SC382 Stump Cutter optional hydraulic front blade helps reduce manual work during job site clean-up.

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