Vermeer SC30TX Stump Cutter Price, Specs, Weight, Review

Vermeer SC30TX Price, Specs, Weight, Horsepower, Review

Vermeer SC30TX specs are listed below. When reviewing the technical specifications of the Vermeer SC30TX Stump Cutter, we advise keeping the model year in mind. The manufacturer’s manuals were used to publish the Vermeer SC30TX weight, horsepower, Cutterwheel Speed, and other specifications. Confirm the price, technical specifications with your seller before buying the Vermeer SC30TX Stump Cutter. We will add the Vermeer SC30TX review video at last of the article to help you with your purchase. 

Vermeer SC30TX Stump Cutter Price, Specs, Weight, Review

Vermeer SC30TX Stump Cutter Price New

Price:  $18,000 USD (Approx.)

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Vermeer SC30TX Weight

weight: 703.1 kg

Vermeer SC30TX Horsepower

Gross Horsepower: 18.6 kw

Vermeer SC30TX Specs

Vermeer SC30TX Specs


Make and Model Kohler ECH740
Number of Cylinders 2
Gross Horsepower (Maximum) 18.6 kw
Torque (Max) 56.9 Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity 25.7 L
Max Fuel Consumption 9.1 lph
Fuel Type Gas
Air Cleaner 6 ” (15.2 cm) 2-Stage dry
Oil Filter Spin-on
Recommended Oil Kohler oil or API CH4/SJ
Oil Volume with Filter 1.9 L
Maximum Angle of Continuous Operation 25 deg
Cooling Medium Air/oil


Cutterwheel Diameter without Teeth 40.6 cm
Cutterwheel Thickness 1.3 cm
Cutterwheel Speed 1110 rpm
Cutterwheel Straight Line Dimension 90.2 cm
Cutterwheel Cut Above Ground 63.5 cm
Cutterwheel Cut Below Ground 30.5 cm
Tooth Description Yellow Jacket Cutter System
Number of Teeth 16
Number of Indexes 2
Number of Pockets 16
Reversible Pockets/Teeth Yes
Cutterwheel Guard Yes
Chip Containment .1 cu m


Lower Gearbox Hydraulic motor
Tank capacity 34.1 L
Recommended Oil Type ISO 68
System Type Open loop
Filtration Method Inline return filter
Pump Flow at Maximum RPM 60.6 L/min
System relief pressure 189.6 bar
Flow Control Autosweep (option)
Directional Control Standard
Oil Cooler Yes. Fan-cooled


System Voltage 12
Battery 405
Standard Gauges Hour meter/tach
Switches Cutter wheel drive
Controller Yes
Control Station Description Fixed-rear
Track Type Rubber 7 ” (17.8 cm) width
Track Width – Retracted 35 ” (88.9 cm
Track Width – Extended 35 ” (88.9 cm)
Track Length on Ground 31.4 ” (79.7 cm)
Type of Idler Cast
Number of Idlers 5
Track Drive Pump Type Hydrostatic
System Relief Pressure 2900 psi (200 bar)
Pump Flow at Maximum RPM 11.4 gpm (43.1 L/min)
Track Drive Motor Type Geroter
Track Brake Type Hydrostatic
High Speed Travel 5.1 km/h
Ground Bearing Pressure – Soft Ground 23.4 kPa
Length 238.8 cm
Width 88.9 cm
Height 124.5 cm
Weight – Engine Option One 703.1 kg
Special Paint Per request
Extended Warranty Per request
Preventive Maintenance Per request

Vermeer SC30TX Stump Cutter Features

Vermeer AutoSweep® system

AutoSweep monitors engine speed and automatically changes the cutter wheel sweep rate.

Long tracks

Ground disturbance is minimized due to long tracks, which provide lower ground pressure and improved stability.

Operator presence system

The boom swing and boom raise/lower control handle is equipped with an operator presence capacitance-sensing handle. This system is intended to help protect the operator.

Smooth operation

The exclusive SmartSweep™ control system monitors the engine load and provides continuous feedback, resulting in a smooth and consistent cutter wheel sweep rate.

Hydraulically-driven cutter wheel and ground drive

The elimination of belts or chain drives reduces service and maintenance.

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