2023 JCB 1cxt Specs, Price, HP, Review ❤️️ Features

2023 JCB 1cxt Specs, Price, HP, Reviews, Weight, Lift Capacity, Oil Capacity, Features, Attachments

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JCB 1cxt Specs, Price, HP, Reviews, Weight, Lift Capacity, Oil Capacity, Features, Attachments

The JCB 1CXT is a versatile machine that works great. With attachments that can be switched out in just a few minutes, you’ll never have to buy another machine again.

The JCB 1CXT backhoe loader gives you the flexibility to do any job. It makes it easy for your crew to move from one construction site to another.

After a hard day’s work, this reliable machine lets working families keep their savings. The JCB 1CXT is a powerful, versatile backhoe loader for speed and comfort.

This machine is made to do any job, whether moving through snow, getting stuck in tight spots, or digging deep into the ground.

The JCB 1CXT backhoe loader is a great tool for many jobs because it has a smaller engine, a lighter body, and real-time diagnostics.

2023 JCB 1cxt Price New

✔Price: $89,000 USD

JCB 1cxt Horsepower

✔ Horsepower: 36.3kW (49hp)

jcb 1cxt lifting capacity

✔Lifting capacity: 2,000 pounds.

JCB 1cxt Weight

✔ Operating Weight: 4262 kg

JCB 1cxt Key Features

  • 49-horsepower no after-treatment engine
  • Hammer/bi-directional excavator pipework
  • 24-inch excavator bucket with teeth
  • Skid steer loader quick hitch
  • Skid steer 26.4 gpm proportional hydraulic couplings with constant flow capability
  • 3/8-inch 11.8 gpm proportional hydraulic couplings
  • Loader float
  • 71-inch wide general purpose loader bucket with toeplate
  • 110 V engine block heater
  • LiveLink Lite telematics
  • 12.8-inch wide general purpose tracks
  • Enclosed cab with air-conditioner and heater
  • Cloth suspension seat
  • Seat-mounted joystick controls for both loader and excavator ends
  • ISO/SAE changeover
  • PMS – Power Management System
  • 8-foot extending dipper – dig depth of 10-feet 1-inch
  • Side-shift excavator end

JCB 1cxt Specs

JCB 1cxt Specs

View complete JCB 1cxt specifications below.

JCB 1cxt Engine

Engine make: Perkins
Engine model: 404F-E22T
Net power (hp): 49

JCB 1cxt Hydraulics

Hydraulic pump flow (gpm): 26.4

JCB 1cxt Loader

Loader bucket capacity, SAE heaped (cu yds): 0.47
Loader bucket breakout force (lbs): 5,180

JCB 1cxt Drive Train

Standard transmission type*: HS
Max road speed (mph): 4.6
Number of drive wheels: 4WD

JCB 1cxt Dimensions

Transport length (ft/in): 11′ 9″
Transport height (ft/in): 7′ 4″
Transport width (ft/in): 5′ 11″
Turning radius @ curb, 4WD, brakes off (ft/in): 5′ 10″
Standard operating weight (lbs): 9,572

JCB 1cxt Backhoe

Max dig depth, SAE, standard stick (ft/in): 10′ 1″
Backhoe bucket capacity range (cu ft): 0.7 – 2.1
Bucket digging force (lbs): 4,852

JCB 1cxt Attachments

The JCB 1CXT allows machine operators to handle both digging and skid steer loader functions with one machine. Its versatility is unmatched in its class.


The JCB 1CXT is the only backhoe on tracks, offering true versatility for your warehouse, construction site, or factory. It’s small enough to navigate tight spaces, with the power to tackle any load.

JCB 1cxt Backhoe Specs

Dimension Fixed Dipper (US) Fixed Dipper (Metric) Extended Dipper  
SAE Max. Dig Depth 8-4 ft-in 2.55 m 10-1 ft-in. 3.08 m
SAE Max. Dig Depth 2ft Flat Bottom 8-2 ft-in 2.49 m 9-11 ft-in. 3.02 m
Reach Ground Level to Slew Center 11-1 ft-in 3.38 m 12-10 ft-in. 3.91 m
Reach – at Full Height to Slew Center 5-10 ft-in 1.79 m 7-3 ft-in. 2.22 m
Side Reach – to Centerline of Machine 12-7 ft-in 3.83 m 14-3 ft-in. 4.35 m
SAE Operating Height 11-3 ft-in 3.44 m 12-8 ft-in. 3.86 m
Max. Loader Height 7-9 ft-in 2.35 m 8-9 ft-in. 2.67 m
Total Kingpost Travel 3-11 ft-in 1.19 m 3-11 ft-in. 1.19 m
Bucket Rotation 202° 202° 180° 180°
Bucket Tearout 4852 Ibf 2201 kg 4,852 Ibf 2201 kg
Dipper Tearout 3280 Ibf 1488 kg 3,280 Ibf 1488 kg


JCB’s standard fit, with parallel lift, four cylinders geometry, ensures the loader attachment stays level during raising and lowering.

JCB 1CXT Loader Specs

Performance US Metric
Loader Breakout – shovel 5,180 Ibf 2350 kgf
Loader Breakout – arms 5,291 Ibf 2400 kgf
Tipping Load 4188 Ib 1900 kg
Payload Rating as a Percentage of Tipping Load %35 %35
Rated operating capacity 1,466 665 kg


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Also Check:


What is the cost of a JCB 1CXT?

2023 JCB 1CXT Loader cost is $89,000 

How much weight can the JCB 1CXT lift?

The JCB 1CX Loader  has a back lift capacity of approximately 2200 pounds.

How much does a JCB 1CXT weight?

Operating weight: 4262 kg

What are the features of the JCB 1CXT?

The JCB 1CXT features a backhoe, loader, and tracks, making it a versatile machine for material handling and excavating.

What is the maneuverability of the JCB 1CXT?

The JCB 1CXT provides excellent maneuverability, ideal for working in tight spaces.

What is the availability of the JCB 1CXT?

The JCB 1CXT has been presented in Europe since 2014 and is now available in North America.

What is the size of the JCB 1CXT?

The JCB 1CXT is a compact machine with a small footprint, making it effortless to transport and maneuver.

What is the digging depth of the JCB 1CXT?

The JCB 1CXT has a digging depth of up to 10 feet.

What is the lifting capacity of the JCB 1CXT?

The JCB 1CXT has a lifting capacity of up to 2,000 pounds.

What is the engine power of the JCB 1CXT?

The JCB 1CXT is powered by a 49 horsepower engine

What is the warranty on the JCB 1CXT?

The warranty on the JCB 1CXT differs depending on the region and dealer. It is best to check with your local dealer for detailed warranty information.

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