Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter Price, Specs, Weight, Reviews

Vermeer SC70TX Price, Specs, Weight, Horsepower, Review

Vermeer SC70TX specs are listed below. When reviewing the technical specifications of the Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter, we advise keeping the model year in mind.

The manufacturer’s manuals were used to publish the Vermeer SC70TX weight, horsepower, Cutterwheel Speed, and other specifications.

Confirm the price, technical specifications with your seller before buying the Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter. We will add the Vermeer SC70TX review video at last of the article to help you with your purchase. 

Vermeer SC70TX Price, Specs, Weight, Horsepower, Review

The Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter can fit into tight spaces in a residential area. The track system is designed to decrease ground disturbance.

The Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter has safety features such as the patented capacitance-sensing operator presence system and wheel brake to help you feel confident on the work.

Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter Price New

Price: The base price is around $70,000.

Buy Now: Find Your Local Dealers Here

Vermeer SC70TX Weight

weight: 1769 kg

Vermeer SC70TX Horsepower

Gross Horsepower: 50 kw

Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter Price, Specs, Weight, Reviews

Vermeer SC70TX Specs


Make and Model CAT C2.2 turbocharged Tier 4 final/Stage V Diesel
Gross Horsepower (Maximum) 50 kw
Torque (Max) 207.4 Nm
Fuel Tank Capacity 45.4 L
Max Fuel Consumption 14.4 lph
Fuel Type Ultra-low sulfur diesel
Air Cleaner Dry-type, restriction indicator, evacuator valve, safety element
Oil Filter Spin-on
Recommended Oil 10W-30
Oil Volume with Filter 8 L
Cooling Medium Water/Antifreeze
Coolant Capacity (Engine and Radiator) 11 L
Fan 16.5 in (40.7 cm)
Clutch Type Electric clutch with brake


Cutterwheel Diameter without Teeth 58.4 cm
Cutterwheel Thickness 2.8 cm
Cutterwheel Speed 948 rpm
Cutterwheel Straight Line Dimension 165.1 cm
Cutterwheel Cut Above Ground 68.6 cm
Cutterwheel Cut Below Ground 40.6 cm
Tooth Description Yellow Jacket cutter system
Number of Teeth 30
Number of Indexes 2
Number of Pockets 30
Reversible Pockets/Teeth 30
Cutterwheel Guard Standard
Chip Containment .7 cu m


Upper Gearbox Straight bevel
Oil Type SAE 75W90 synthetic gear oil
Oil Capacity 1.6 L
Lower Gearbox Straight bevel
Oil Type – Lower Gearbox SAE 75W90 synthetic gear oil
Oil Capacity – Lower Gearbox 2.1 L
Driveshaft 2 universal joints
Driveshaft – U Joints Two standard with double lip seal
Tank capacity 36.3 L
Recommended Oil Type Vermeer Hypower 68
System Type Tandem gear pump, pressure balanced
Filtration Method Full-flow 4 micron return filter, suction strainer
Pump Flow at Maximum RPM 34.1 L/min
System relief pressure 206.8 bar
Flow Control Yes
Directional Control Yes


System Voltage 12
Battery 950 CCA
Warning Lights Engine faults
Switches Boom swing, boom height, creep propel, ignition, clutch, track gage, track speed range, SmartSweep, throttle
Controller Vermeer C248 with SmartSweep
Display Multifunction display (MFD); Displays – hours, fuel level, engine speed, engine faults and engine status
Shutdown System High engine temperature and low oil pressure
Radio Remote Control Optional, wireless
Control Station Description Swing-out
Operator Vision Shield Description Abrasion-resistant coated polycarbonate
Brake Type Spring-applied and hydraulically released dual parking brakes
Track Frame Description Tube and plate
Track Type 9-in (22.9-cm) rubber iron core
Track Width 35 in
Track Width  51 in
Track Length on Ground 51.2 in
Type of Idler 10
Track Drive Pump Type Tandem gear pump, pressure balanced
System Relief Pressure 2900 psi (200 bar)
Pump Flow at Maximum RPM 9 gpm
Track Drive Motor Type Integral motor and planetary unit
Track Brake Type Integrated into motor/planetary unit
High Speed Travel 2.6 km/h
Low Speed Travel
1.1 km/h
Ground Bearing Pressure – Soft Ground 29.6 kPa
Length 359.7 cm
Width 129.5 cm
Height 182.9 cm
Weight – Engine Option One 1769 kg
Special Paint Optional
Extended Warranty Optional
Preventive Maintenance Optional


Radio Remote Control Optional
Remote Functions E-stop, throttle, cutter wheel clutch, boom swing, boom height, propel, track mode, track speed range, SmartSweep
Remote Display LCD with remote control and machine functions status


Description Yes
Sensor Type Capacitive
Quantity/Location 2
Visual Interface Yes

Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter Features

Operator presence system

The Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter operator presence system allows the cutter wheel to stop automatically when the operator releases the hydraulic cutter wheel controls.

Ground drive speed

The Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter, ground drive speed, helps transport the machine between stumps to increase productivity on the job.

SmartSweep™ control system

The Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter SmartSweep™ control system helps improve efficiency and productivity at the stump while helping to minimize wear and tear on the machine.

Gearbox drive cutter wheel system

The Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter gearbox drive cutter wheel system directs the maximum horsepower to the cutter wheel for optimal job site productivity.

Vermeer sc70tx fault codes

 Vermeer SC70TX stump grinder fault codes include:

10: Engine

    • 101: Engine RPM sensor fault
    • 102: Engine oil pressure sensor fault
    • 103: Engine coolant temperature sensor fault

20: Transmission

    • 201: Transmission temperature sensor fault
    • 202: Transmission oil pressure sensor fault

30: Hydraulic system

    • 301: Hydraulic pump fault
    • 302: Hydraulic tank level sensor fault

40: Electrical system

    • 401: ECM fault
    • 402: Remote control fault

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