Latest TMT Steel Price Today – Steel price in [2024]

TMT Steel Price Today 2024

Guys!! Here in this post, you will learn about the New TMT Steel Price Per Bag 2024 because building material plays a very important role in building a house, in which Steel is an Essential material.

People want his House to be Strong and Good, so people ask the rates of numerous Steel companies in the market. 

But due to the reality of many Steel companies in the market, they don’t know the actual Price of TMT Steel 2024. 

So for your comfort, we are providing the Exact Price of TMT Steel, which Is currently running in the market. 

So let’s check it out…

TMT Steel Price Today

2024 TMT Steel price Today

TMT Steel TMT Steel Price per ton (1000 Kgs) TMT Steel Price per Kg
TATA Tiscon Rs.84,000 Rs.84
Meenakshi Rs.72,000 Rs.72
JSW Rs.81,000 Rs.81
Kamdhenu Rs.74,000 Rs.74
Primegold Rs.72,000  Rs.72
Sail Rs.86,000 Rs.86
Vizag Rs.86,000 Rs.86
A1 Gold Rs.70,500 Rs.70.5
Jindal Rs.85,000 Rs.85
RD Rs.71,000 Rs.71
VRKP Rs.69,000 Rs.69
Gopala Rs.71,000 Rs.71

DisclaimerThe price of TMT Steel can be increase or decrease in the market. This is not 100% accurate.

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