Top 10 Jobs That Pay 100k a Year Without a Degree in [2024]

Jobs That Pay 100k a Year Without a Degree – Before the advent of technology brought about rapid changes to society, finding jobs without a college degree wasn’t easy. Jobs that pay up to $100k annually without a degree were just a desire.

In the present, the situation is completely different. Based on Georgetown,35% of jobs require a minimum bachelor’s degree. 30% of job openings will require a college or associate’s degree. 36 percent of jobs will not require higher education than the high school level.

These numbers prove the possibility. You’ll discover that it is possible to find jobs paying up to $100k per year without having a college degree. If you still doubt you can do it, read on to learn more.

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 Top 10 Jobs That Pay 100k a Year Without a Degree

Jobs That Pay 100k a Year Without a Degree

These are jobs with a high salary of more than $100k and do not require college degrees.

10. Professional Athletes

Following high school graduation, some talented students may decide to take up a profession in professional sports.

If you do well during the NFL combine or on the court for basketball, you could receive a college scholarship that allows you to attend education at no cost.

Many professional sports teams recruit players straight from high school and pay them huge wages to play for them.

Without a college degree, it is among the jobs that pay up to $100k annually.

9. Freelance Writer

If you were a star in English classes at high school and have an uncanny grasp of the language, going into the field of writing after graduation is a fantastic option to earn a decent living.

Although most writers begin with little compensation, As their skills develop, they can increase their income.

If the writer is determined to continue on their chosen career and is successful, they could be able to start their writing company blog, website, or service and earn up to 100k or more per year.

8. Head Chef

Are you a person with a talent for cooking food? A pay of over $100,000 per year could be made as a certified sous chef or head chef in a renowned and up-market restaurant.

However, culinary arts students might have to go through a hotel school, where they are taught the intricacies of the service industry, which includes standards for food handling.

When students start their work environment, they might discover that the kitchen is a long-term commitment to earn enough money.

But, many potential chefs are enthusiastic about their chosen career and eager to work the hours needed to succeed in their field.

It is among the positions that pay $100k annually without a college degree.

7. Firefighter or Police Officer

If you’re interested in giving back to your community after graduation, consider joining local police or fire departments.

Cadets can receive free training through these community services and a place on the team should they pass the test.

Even though a rookie police officer or firefighter’s beginning salary isn’t exactly high, If you decide to apply for the job, turn it into your career and ultimately land an executive role. You can earn over $100k annually.

6. Plumber

Going to college to study for a career in a trade is a wise choice. Various jobs such as electricians, machinists, and plumbers are going out of fashion in America due to the shortage of skilled artisans.

Plumbers will always be in demand all over the world. Who else can you contact when the toilet has become clogged, and water spills across the floor?

After they have completed their training, certified plumbers are likely to earn more than $100K per year.

5. Business Owner

The heart of the American economy is small-scale business.

Entrepreneurs want to earn an income by making their ideas a reality and may be looking to start an enterprise that benefits all nations.

Companies generate job opportunities, earn taxes and boost GDP. The citizens of every society value them.

Certain business owners have remarkable success, While others struggle to meet their financial obligations.

The ones who make it through the first 5 years, however, can expect to achieve a success rate of 95 percent, which could mean that they earn hundreds of thousands, in some cases, millions of dollars each month.

Additionally, being a business director is among the positions that pay up to $100k per year with no qualification.

4. Real Estate Broker

Think about a job as a broker in real estate If you are interested in the sale and property.

Renting or selling other people’s property could earn you a decent income, with annual earnings that range from $30,000 to $180,000.

Real estate transactions require a license, but anyone with a high school degree can take the test, and it’s a less expensive option than an undergraduate degree.

Additionally, it is one job that pays $100k per year with no degree.

3. Sales Consultant

Aside from CEOs and highly skilled professionals, the highest-paying jobs within the workforce, Sales jobs are among the highest paying.

While working at a mall, Verizon kiosks won’t earn you $100,000 yearly. Selling expensive aircraft or vehicles could be a great way to earn a lot of money in a short period.

The best salespeople recognize the value of training.

There are many YouTube videos by highly successful sales trainers and a myriad of sales mentors to choose from online to help you develop your sales skills.

Time is the most important investment you can invest in selling training. The more you do your sales skills, the more successful you will be.

2. Virtual Assistant

As an assistant virtual to the owner of an online business is a fantastic way to earn money. It is possible to work anywhere, connected to the internet, and benefit from working at your home.

This level of autonomy is like nothing you’ve had in a personal assistant job.

Sometimes you won’t be able to meet your boss in person or even talk to them via online messaging channels, such as email.

Furthermore, it’s among the positions that pay $100k per year with no degree.

1. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers don’t need a college degree, which may be surprising to you.

These individuals are entrusted with the demands of planes that coordinate, which are massive steel slabs that transport tiny creatures across the sky.

Air traffic control candidates’ work does not require an education degree. However, you must undergo a string of screening and psychological tests to confirm your qualifications for the job.

An air traffic control job pays $100k annually without a degree.


Although this article might make it appear that the degree you earn is of no importance, we can guarantee that this isn’t the case.

The purpose of education is to serve a need, but many students wind up taking courses that may prove useless for them shortly.

It might be time to consider a new method of solving the issue. What if students were required to work for ten years after graduating high school and only continue their education in their 30s?

Maybe by implementing this method, the student will be able to save cash from their job to cover their education without taking out loans?

Could it be that the interested student will be in a more favorable situation to pursue a program that will allow them to advance in their field of study?

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Can You Get a Job Without a Degree?

You can be employed work without a degree from a college or a four-year college degree.

While many companies prefer those with an associate’s degree, some prefer hard work and work experience over a degree.

If you are applying for an employment opportunity, ensure that your cover letter and resume are highly qualified. Also, when you write your resume and cover letter, you should highlight the relevant abilities and experiences you can bring to the job.

In addition, some businesses examine applicants by determining the degree to which they hold. An undergraduate degree.

Many hiring managers are focused on how applicants follow directions and pay attention to the details and whether they’re a good “fit” for the job.

Check any correspondence to ensure that it is not grammatically or spelling-related Complete all tasks given to you in the interviewing process on time.

Do not give up. Even if your qualifications don’t meet the requirements for education, Apply for jobs for which your expertise, skills, and experience are suitable. Due to your other qualifications, you have a good chance your resume will be noticed.

How Can I Get Jobs that pay $100K Without a Degree?

There are many possibilities to find jobs that pay up to $100k without having a college qualification.

But, in the current economic environment, families, and organizations have never been insistent about their kids attending college.

In the same way, the most qualified graduates haven’t had it so easy to get employment.

This is why certain students interested in studying should think about avoiding classrooms and frat parties and pursuing a field following high school.

Students who are unsure of their career choice should avoid attending college. It’s awe-inspiring how many college graduates do not get jobs in the field they study.

Gaining work experience is the most crucial stage in teaching the future generation of children about the importance and value of deciding on a talent they are skilled in.

Instead of investing four years in school and ending up in a non-related field with debts of $37,000, the person could be making their way up the ranks of the company ladder.

One of the ways to get an income of $100k is to have a solid background and experience in the field you work in.

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