Portable Toilet Rental Cost – Porta Potty Rental Cost [2024]

Portable toilet rental cost

Portable toilet rental cost –  Portable toilets, also referred to as porta-potties, port-a johns, or port-a-janes are mobile structures made up of transparent roof vents, structure and structure that houses toilet seats, urinals, a sink, as well as a holding tank. 

The more luxurious versions could include flushable toilets and showers. Portable toilets are typically employed in concert venues, construction sites and festivals, industrial sites as well as natural disasters, home renovations and other locations where bathrooms are very limited or not accessible. Porta potties do not have plumbing but are fitted with waste basins that can be cleaned and sanitized before reuse. 

The average national cost to hire a portable toilet for a week ranges from $150 to $300. The average homeowner pays around $220 for a week’s rental of an automatic flushing toilet as well as sinks for the holidays. 

At the bottom of the scale, you’ll be paying approximately 80 dollars for a single-day rental for a typical portable toilet. 

At the top end, you can pay as much as $600 for a month-long rental of a luxury portable toilet, with maintenance once a week and the Sanitizer dispenser.

Portable toilet rental cost

Porta Potty Rental Cost

National average cost $220
Average range $150-$300
Low-end $80
High-end $650

Cost to Rent Portable Toilets by Rental Duration

The cost of renting a port-a-john is between $80 and $500, depending on the rental and the length it runs for. 

In general, portable toilets can be available for rent for a day, weekend, a week or for a whole month. If you opt for longer-term rentals, you typically pay lower prices, which is the reason the price varies in the manner it does. 

Transport and set-up costs an enormous amount to the company that provides the service, so the lesser required, the better them, and the lower they’ll charge. In the table and the subsections below, you’ll find the most common times for renting portable toilets and the average cost.

Duration Cost to Rent (Labor Included)
1 Day $80 – $175
1 Weekend $125 – $175
1 Week $150 – $300
1 Month $100 – $500

Porta Potty Rental Cost per Day

The typical cost of renting a porta-potty for a day ranges from around $175 to $80. The typical rental period is between one and two days and will include one service visit once the lease expires. 

Rentals for short-term periods are popular for outdoor weddings, festivals, and events, as well as backyard parties and concerts. They can be a great option for disposing of waste at an event that does not have the facilities for restrooms.

Portable Toilet Rental Cost per Month

The cost of renting portable toilets decreases substantially when you contract for long-term usage, ranging from $100-$500 per month. The price varies in terms of location location, features and delivery. 

It is possible to pay less for an annual rental than one that is a day rental since the most expensive cost for the vendor is installation and transportation. 

It’s more economical for your business the longer you use your portable toilet. So, they will be less expensive for long periods.

Porta Potty Rental Cost per Week

If you rent every week, you should expect to be paying between $150 to $300 for a portable toilet rental. Renting weekly can result in discounts, making it even more affordable since the company can save money on transport, set-up and removal than one day’s rental. If you’re planning to host an event or family reunion, or perhaps you require restrooms for construction, then a weekly rental might be the right option.

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Weekend Porta Potty Rental

If you need an overnight porta-potty rental, you could expect to pay between $125 to 175 dollars for the duration of the weekend. Based on the business, the rental could be a three-day or two-day rental. 

They may hold off until Monday to collect the device without assessing additional costs. This is ideal for weddings, weekend celebrations, reunions, festivals, etc. You will get a huge discount on the daily rate when you reserve the weekend.

Porta Potty Rental Cost by Type

Porta Potty Rental Cost by Type

The type of porta-potty you require will factor in the rental price, which ranges between $80 and $350. 

There are a variety of porta potty models available that are available, ranging from standard toilets up to luxury washrooms.

 Each is different. Based on the event, one type of porta-potty might be preferred over the other. 

A traditional portable toilet is typically the most popular option for outdoor construction sites or performances. 

For weddings and other special outdoor events which require a high level of service and luxury, a luxurious model or flushable toilet could be the better option. 

The table below outlines the price of renting the porta-potty for one day, based on the kind followed by a brief description of each, their usage and price.

Standard Porta Potty

These basic portable toilets are rented in large quantities for the affordable price of between $80 and $125 daily. 

The standard portable restrooms can be located at many events with a large volume, such as festivals and concerts. 

They typically have reinforced walls, toilet vents, ventilation, a mirror toilet paper dispenser and an occupied/vacant sign at the door. They do not flush nor have many additional amenities.

Standard With Sink

The cost of renting a basic portable toilet that has sinks ranges from $85 and $150 each day. Standard portable toilets with sinks can be great for job sites or events where hand washing is mandatory. 

They are a favourite option for outdoor events such as concerts or food-service areas. Standard portable toilets have all the features of a typical portable toilet but include an individual hand-washing sink.

Flushable Portable Toilet Rental

Portable toilets with flushing capabilities have an estimated cost of $85-$150 per day to rent. Toilets that flush are an upgrade from the typical porta-potty, which comes with flush toilets. 

They flush using the foot pump to flush hands-free and have a concealed waste tank. The other features are usually the sink or hand soap dispenser. Toilets with these types offer users an improved degree of comfort and ease.

High Rise Porta Potty

The rent of the high-rise porta potty is between $125 and $225 daily. Porta potties that are high rise are standard porta-potties fitted with a lifting kit compatible with conventional cranes. 

The heavy-duty handles and wheels allow them to move to any place easily. They are made specifically for construction site areas in high-rise buildings with no elevators, events held in apartments, or other occasions requiring toilet mobility. 

High-rise porta potties are compact, yet they have the standard-size toilet. They also come with bathroom paper holders, privacy doors and occasionally the sink.

ADA Porta Potty

The porta potty for disabled people is between $150 and $225 daily. Bathrooms accessible to handicaps might be needed at your event or work location. 

They are readily accessible to disabled people with additional assistance, including the handrails 1. as well as anti-slip floors. The ADA porta potties are larger and have an extra-large door and ground-level floor access.

Solar Powered Porta Potty

The cost of renting solar porta potties is $175-$325 each day. Solar porta potties are latest on the market, and provide electricity not present in most conventional porta potties. 

These toilets come with solar panels which convert sunlight into energy that is used to power flushing toilets, ventilation, flowing water and more. 

The portable toilets are usually equipped with hand wash faucets and safety lighting and hooks to hang jackets and flooring with grips. They also have winterized models with air conditioning and heat to help in warmer climates.

Deluxe Portable Toilet Rental

The price to rent a luxurious portable toilet for a day is $300 to $400 daily. Give your guests a VIP experience by providing a luxurious portable bathroom facility. Porta potties offer all the amenities of home, with lavish amenities, such as warm and cold water and flushing toilets. They are typically used at weddings, film sets, and long-term construction locations. There aren’t any connections to hoses or water sources needed.

Type Cost to Rent 1 Day (Labor Included)
Standard $80 – $125
Standard With Sink $85 – $125
Flushable $85 – $150
High Rise $125 – $225
ADA Porta Potty $150 – $225
Solar $175 – $325
Deluxe $200 – $350

Portable Toilet Rental for Construction Sites Cost

Portable Toilet Rental for Construction Sites Cost

Construction locations require a certain amount of portable toilets per law if you work on a smaller project or a huge commercial construction site.

 They range from $180 to 225 dollars daily, based on the kind of toilet. If you are contracted for an ongoing construction project, the cost could vary between $100-$500 monthly, depending on the locations, features, and delivery time. 

The most popular porta potties for rental in construction locations are the standard porta potty and the high-rise. T

he standard porta potty supplies workers with a simple bathroom, toilets, urinals, and fully stocked toilet paper dispensers that meet all requirements for sanitary use. 

The high-rise porta potty was specially designed for high-rise construction, often referred to as a porta potty lift unit.

 These portable toilets are moved by cranes or elevators into inaccessible places and have 38-gallon tanks. 

The typical ratio for construction locations is one portapotty per ten employees in an hour-long work week of 40 hours. 

The following chart illustrates the number of portable toilets needed for the number of employees working and shifts.

Portable Toilet Rental Cost by Type of Event

Portable Toilet Rental Cost by Type of Event

The kind of event or the use of the porta-potties directly determines the quantity and type of portable toilets you require. Costs range from $225-$4,500. 

Flushable or deluxe toilets are usually the best option for larger events like a wedding outdoors. The standard portable toilets can serve the purpose if you are planning a large-scale event like a concert festival. 

Most disaster relief sites require trailers with showers and toilets to offer convenience and cleanliness for people in need. 

The number of guests or attendees directly affects the number of porta potties needed to ensure your guests don’t have to wait in line to use the bathroom.

 The table below outlines the cost of renting one porta-potty per day, based on the event. It is with an explanation of the factors to consider for the kind of event and the price.

Event Cost to Rent (Labor Included)
Party $125 – $350
Outdoor Event $125 – $350
Wedding $900 – $3,000
Disaster Relief $1,000 – $4,500

Porta Potty Rentals for Parties Cost

The cost of renting a portapotty to host a party is cheap and easy and can range between $125 to $175 for a standard model or $200-$350 for a more luxurious model. 

If you’re organizing a backyard celebration, you likely want guests to be relaxed and not want guests to be able to move around your home, get caught in the dirt, or perhaps into the bush. In particular, if food and drinks are the main focus, porta potties are essential.

In general, most companies suggest hiring a standard flushable toilet or one that is standard and has an attached sink for a single-day celebration. 

They are with all the necessities and are ideal for any event. The number of guests attending the event determines the number of portable toilets you will need. 

A single portapotty is required for any event with up to 50 guests for up to 3 hours. The number of people attending the event determines the number of portable toilets provided.

Wedding Porta Potty Rental Cost

The cost of renting porta potties for weddings is $125-$3,000, depending on the kind of wedding. You may have located the perfect venue you want to have your ceremony. However, the issue is that it doesn’t have bathrooms.

 Although portable toilets might not be your first option, the great news is that there are luxurious portable restrooms. There are a variety of options for your special occasion. The look of your bathroom is entirely up to you.

Based on your budget, you could consider hiring a luxurious restroom trailer with multiple bathrooms ranging between $900 and $3,000 for a weekend. At the upper cost, it is possible to include all the bells and whistles like televisions, Wi-Fi and bathroom attendants. 

While these options are accessible, renting standard portable toilets for visitors and a natural outdoor experience is possible. This will lower the portable toilet rental price to $125-$175.

Portable Toilet for an Outdoor Event

A weekday or daily rental of a standard portapotty will cost anywhere from $125 to $175. If more luxurious style porta potties are required, the price can go up between $300 to $400. Portable restrooms are commonly used for all large-scale occasions, including events and concerts. 

These portable toilets are equipped with a sink, toilet and toilet paper. The primary considerations for portable toilets at an outdoor event are the number of attendees and the length that the occasion will last. If the outdoor event is a one-day event with up to 1,000 people, it is legally required to use at least 12 porta potties.

Portable Toilet for Disaster Relief

The cost of rental of a shower trailer that is portable ranges from between $1,000 and $4,500 per weekend. It is less expensive for long durations. 

Portable toilets are among the most crucial things available for those suffering from natural catastrophes like floods, wildfires, earthquakes or hurricanes. 

A catastrophe can be extremely dangerous when structures or sanitation facilities are damaged or unavailable. 

One of the most important things to be concerned about after an event is the availability of sanitation facilities and access to restrooms and clean showers. 

Accessing a clean and safe environment can reduce the spread of sickness in the aftermath of a disaster. 

Portable shower trailers are the ideal alternative to handwashing stations and porta potties standalone stations in an emergency. 

They provide a clean, spacious, complete bathroom and shower that look like home bathrooms. The comfort of these situations can go a great way. With a variety of sizes for trailers, it’s simple to manage many people.

To help in emergency relief, the hiring of trailers can be contingent upon the location of the disaster and the nature of the disaster. 

If the incident is small, local authorities could fall responsible for providing portable toilets. Trailers can be delivered immediately if the catastrophe is severe on the national or state scale. 

The cost of renting portable shower trailers in an emergency is contingent on the number of units needed and the length of the rental.

Average Porta Potty Rental Cost

Average Porta Potty Rental Cost

The typical rental for the porta potty lasts for a week with an average cost of $150-$300, around 40% of the final cost being made up of the material, and the remaining 60% comprised of labour. 

The major portion of the rental price is for the delivery, placement, and removal and placement of the portapotty, and this is where portable toilets invest the most. 

The remaining portion is for items like soap, hand sanitizers, paper towels, tank liquid and deodorizer.

The portable toilets are delivered to your site on top of the truck or towing, according to the type of toilet you are renting. 

Businesses require a clear path to where the units will be put. A lift mechanism on the side of the vehicle permits them to remove the unit from the truck. The tailgate can be lowered, and the straps are taken off. 

The trailer is then pulled from the vehicle. The wheels on either side of the truck are raised to facilitate a simple transfer to the desired place. The buyer can decide which trailer to stay on the wheels or lower to the surface.

Then, the portapotty is set up. It is filled with water, blue dye disinfectant, toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizer and other essentials. 

Maintenance and cleaning schedules are set by the business and may include in the lease agreement. The porta potty providers will take the portable toilets and equipment at a set time. 

If delays happen on arrival, additional charges could appear on your bill. This company takes care of garbage disposal, removal and clean-up of the site.

The location of portable toilets is an additional element that should be carefully considered for ease of access. 

Each portable toilet should be located on a dry, solid, and level area where the service truck can reach within 25-40 feet. The toilet placement on uneven surfaces may result in the waste container filling in unevenly. 

On most occasions, it is best to put portable toilets centrally in areas with high traffic to ensure that people don’t need to travel far to locate restrooms. 

If handicap-friendly porta potties are needed, at least one should be located in each porta potty area to ensure that they are accessible to those who are physically challenged or have tiny children.

Porta Potty Cleaning Service Cost

If you need porta potty cleaning, which isn’t stipulated in your contract, you can be charged an additional fee of $40 to $65 for each visit. The maintenance and cleaning of portable toilets should be regularly scheduled. However, it will vary on the number of users and the season. 

If the toilet is used for events that last for a long time and have lots of alcohol and traffic, it is possible to expect maintenance every day, either once or twice. 

In the summer, the smell in the tank may get worse because of the warmer temperatures, requiring regular maintenance. 

For many rental companies, a once-a-week cleaning schedule is a normal schedule for cleaning. They will do extensive cleaning.

When a scheduled maintenance appointment, staff members typically adhere to four fundamental steps: pump, clean the tank, disinfect it, and refill. 

The first step is to remove the garbage from the tank that holds it. A vacuum is then inserted into the toilet and will be used to move the waste out to the tank for the truck. 

The collected waste is transferred by sanitation trucks to the waste treatment facility. Once the tank is empty, it’s time to wash. Cleaning the porta potty uses a high-pressure water hose to remove dirt and bacteria, eliminate germs and bacteria and stop mould growth. 

The high-pressure gun is stuffed with an odour-controlling substance and a disinfectant. After cleaning, the towel is used to dry the surfaces, except the floor.

After the cleaning is completed, the staff cleans by filling the tank with a blue-coloured additive that acts as a disinfectant, deodorizer and odour control agent. 

The colour of the additive changes to green and serves as an indication of when the following cleaning is needed. 

In the end, the service staff replenishes the portable toilet with the essentials like Toilet paper, towels, soap, hand sanitizer and even air fresheners. 

In a gesture of goodwill, many companies will sign and date the clean-up service label on the portapotty to verify that regular maintenance and cleaning were done.

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Alice Carroll
Alice Carroll
1 year ago

Thanks for the reminder that the cleaning should also be considered when looking for the right portable toilet service. I’d like to know more about those because I plan to have a new home constructed months from now. Having portable toilets for the workers would surely be important to have.