How to Move a Mobile Home for Free – 2024

How to Move a Mobile Home for Free –  It’s time to take a step back and get moving. There are numerous reasons why you might have decided to relocate. 

You’re thinking about what you can do to move your mobile home at no cost. Could it be possible to do this?

Perhaps you’re looking for an area where your cost of living will be cheaper. Or maybe you’d like to be nearer the family you love. In addition, getting an employment offer may have led to your decision. 

You could also have been out of work. However, you’ve heard that the job market is improving in other areas.

Perhaps you’ve always felt an insatiable wanderlust. It’s a feeling that makes you want to pull stakes often and seek out greener grasses. 

Because of your new Master bedroom renovation, You’re craving something new to greet you each morning as you get out of bed. Perhaps you don’t know why you’re craving an entirely different view.

How to Move a Mobile Home for Free

Money is an Object

You’ve seen this phrase in films – “Money is no object.” Those who are wealthy often employ it to mean, “Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter what it cost.” But, as you’ve experienced it in your own life, that doesn’tmatter what it costs.

Whatever the millionaires in movies say, you must maintain a realistic budget for your move. You’d like to take the mobile home and put it in a new spot. However, you don’t have a million dollars in your account waiting to be used.

What if it was free?

Moving my mobile home for no cost? Does it even work? It’s an interesting question that might not be on your radar until you read this article. If you’ve put off moving because you don’t have the money to pay for a professional to move you, then listen up. We have some great news.

Yes, it’s possible. We’ll show you the steps to move a mobile home at no cost. And, it’s not an advanced technique.

How much does it Cost to Move a Mobile Home

How much does it Cost to Move a Mobile Home?

Moving costs for mobile homes are dependent on a variety of variables. It’s the reason it’s so difficult to estimate the typical cost of moving since you’ll need to take into consideration the distance from your new residence and the price to obtain permits for moving, installation services, the equipment used to transport the mobile home, and finally the size and weight of the house.

The further your preferred location for moving, the more costly your relocation will be, and the larger the home is, the more expensive the move will likely be. If all aspects are considered, and all things are equal, the typical moving cost for a mobile home with a single width can range between $5,000 and $8,000. The cost of moving to a double-wide mobile house could be as high as $10,000. However, it could be up to $12,000. It is important to remember that it can be lower or more based on distance and the set-up service.

Laws on Moving a Mobile Home You Need to Know

4 Laws on Moving a Mobile Home You Need to Know

Various laws govern the mobility of mobile homes within The United States. The rules are based on the county or state you are moving to and the region you plan to relocate to. In most cases, your current state may have less or more complex laws regarding mobile homes than the town you’re going you plan to move to. Therefore, it is essential to know the laws regarding your relocation. You must be aware of the four rules for relocating a mobile home.

1. A Moving Permit Must be Acquired

The sad truth is that you cannot simply obtain a truck to move your home mobile without having an official moving permit. Most people believe this is a stressful and challenging task because of the hassle and cost of getting approval to move. However, don’t be concerned This article will discuss the possibility of moving your home mobile for free, and you’re protected. The permit you get will decide the following:

  • You have a document from the county treasurer confirming that you do not have any overdue or unpaid tax on the property.
    • You possess either a copy or certificate of the title certificate. Some states or counties need a copy of the application for an official certificate of the title you have submitted to your state department of a motor vehicle.

Gathering all required documents to speed up the process and avoid disrupting your plans is strongly advised. A slow document acquisition is similar to a delayed move.

2. It is essential to understand the laws that govern your movements, knowing 

The laws governing where you’re moving your home will not be enough to get your home safely in your preferred area. It is essential to understand what the law can dictate when moving your mobile home to your new home. There are a variety of nuances in some states, as a lot of emphases is put upon the condition and the size of your mobile home.

If your mobile home is more than 15 years old, you’ll be legally required to file all paperwork to prove the accuracy of the house’s age and structure. This is why you must know the legal implications of moving your mobile home to ensure that you and your property are in a position to meet legal needs.

3. You have to get professional help to move your mobile home. 

Many people aren’t aware of when moving their home mobile because the law obliges them to find certified and insured moving firms to ensure that their home is safe in their new place. A few licensed moving firms can safely move your home mobile, so you should make sure to choose recommendations or spend more time researching the firm you’d like to work with.

4. You must ensure that your home meets the HUD standards

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development has a set of codes regulating every mobile home in the United States. This code, known as the HUD Code, was introduced in 1976. Some rules govern everything related to mobile homes. This can significantly impact your odds of moving.

Move a Mobile Home for Free

How to Move a Mobile Home for Free 

You’ve probably never considered life from a mobile home park’s viewpoint. Why should you? You’re living daily life from your home. Until now, your mobile home has been a part of the landscape you liked enough to settle into.

Suppose you were in charge of acquiring new mobile homes that could fill empty spaces. You may have to offer those who want to move into your park. For instance, you could even consider moving the park’s residents into it at no cost. In general, it’s good that you’ve never been the one trying to fill vacant spaces in the Mobile home parks.

This is how we will get you the information you’ve wanted for a long time How to move your mobile home at no cost. Please, drum roll…

It’s about where you go

If you’re interested in moving mobile homes for free, Let us share the trick we use. Pick your destination cautiously. It is essential to locate an RV park that will be a good fit for the mobile home and you. Furthermore, they don’t just have to be interested in you. They must be desperate enough to offer to transfer your mobile home free of cost.

Does this mean that there’s only one spot across the nation for you to relocate to? Nope. In fact, to start you off, we’ve snatched three firms willing to relocate your belongings for free.

Where will your travels take you?

  • Heading to Texas? Start your search right here. Also, take a look at Bit-O-Heaven’s deal.
  • Perhaps, however, you’ve set your sights elsewhere. Look into the possibilities that Treasure Park Homes can offer. Don’t give up.

Keep your Other Expenses Low

If you’ve learned how to move your mobile home at no cost, Let’s look at a few other budget-friendly moving tips.

  • Find used boxes for packing. In the best-case scenario, you could find these for free. Find second-hand boxes by looking on the internet. Other people in your area might be disposing of their cardboard following an unplanned move. Ask the local grocery store and home repair store whether they have anything to eliminate.
  • Pack your bags. Take your household items and then put them in the rental van. Do not hire a professional to help you do this. Instead, ask your acquaintances for assistance, and you’ll be able to put an entire group together.
  • To clarify that we’re in no way talking about the car transporting your home mobile. You’ve discovered how to move your mobile home on your own, but you’re not leaving it to the pros. You can drive the moving truck yourself. However, the best thing you can do (and we’re arguing you might decide to) is not to hire an agency to help you move. There’s no need for someone else to take care of and operate the truck that holds your possessions.

Things You Must Do When Moving a Mobile Home

5 Things You Must Do When Moving a Mobile Home

To help you move more quickly, There are five essential things you should do before shifting your home to ensure your safe relocation to the place you’ve always wanted to be.

1. Get a professional mobile home mover.

Many people don’t know that moving a manufactured house is the responsibility of moving firms. 

When you are about to take the last step to move your home from its current location, make sure that you hire a reputable professional and professional mobile home removal company. 

You can rely on the most reliable moving companies like Earth Relocation for moving your families to your new home. To begin, you can call Earth Relocation at (855) 979-7577

Hiring professionals to move your home on recommendations or referrals would be beneficial. To accomplish this, you should talk to mobile home investors or anyone you know who has successfully moved their home. 

They can assist in recommending the most reliable mobile home removal company within your area. Other businesses are Heavy Haulers and UShip.

2. Abide by park rules

Every mobile home park is governed by its rules. If you are planning to relocate your home from one of the mobile home parks, it is essential to adhere to the regulations regarding the size of the house, its age, and its structure. 

Most homes in mobile parks need all homes within the park to have a deck at every door or a sliding vinyl. 

In addition, there are additional guidelines or regulations that you must follow, so adhere to the rules.

3. Check the laws of the location you are moving to

Knowing what laws are required of you at your current residence is essential. Also, it would be beneficial to understand what’s legally required when transferring your mobile home to your new home. 

Knowing this before moving will save you significant time as you’ll have your permit and other items prepared before moving.

4. Get all paperwork beforehand.

When you likely begin contemplating moving your home to a new location, you must start getting all the necessary paperwork prepared. The event of a delay in getting the items needed could hinder your relocation. 

You know the essentials required to move your home. So begin acquiring them now to speed up the process of moving. Additionally, many states or counties require you get a moving and installation permit. 

Other conditions may require getting plumbing, gas, and electrical connection permits prior to moving. 

This is why it’s up to you to contact an office for licenses in your area to determine what permits are required.

5. Connect all utility  

Most people don’t think about the connection to utilities and ultimately regret it. To avoid any regrets or ‘I wish I knew what you could have done, consider using mobile home transporters or movers that can install all the required utilities once the house has been relocated. 

This will reduce the time and stress of looking for plumbers or electricians. However, if the mobile company for home removals cannot help, you could need to find an organization that can connect utilities at a low cost.

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