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Menards Truck Rental Prices – Menards Rent A Truck

Menards Truck Rental Prices – The official name is Menards(r) Pick-Up & Go Truck. It is available for rental and allows you to bring the bulkier items home instead of waiting to get delivered.

There is no purchase required to rent the truck. However, you must be 21 years old and possess a current and valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and an active credit card.

Your insurance card must include effective dates, the business name, and the policy number.
The rental period for the truck includes up to 75 minutes of rental time and is an ideal option for those who do not have a truck or trailer.

The model and brand you can choose may differ depending on the store. The vehicle must be returned to the store before the day’s business hours. Visit the nearest Menards(r) store for availability.

Menards Truck Rental Prices

Latest Menards Truck Rental Prices List 2024


Truck Rentals

First 75 Minutes $18.95
Every 15 Minutes (After The Initial 75 Minutes) $5.00
Fuel Surcharge (One Time Fee) $4.75
24-Hours (Daily) $89.99
7-Days (Weekly) $649.99
30-Days (Monthly) $2,699.99
Milwaukee Truck Appliance Dolly $8.00

Tool Rentals

4 Hour Base Rental Unless Otherwise Specified

General Construction Tool Rental

Rockwell® 10″ Jobsite Table Saw with Laser $26.00
Paslode® Cordless Framing Nailer and Battery $20.00
Paslode® 16-Gauge Angled Cordless Finish Nailer and Battery $20.00
Bosch® 12″ Compound Miter Saw with Masterforce® Stand $26.00
Masterforce® 1/2″ Hammer Drill $18.00
Masterforce® Clipped Head Framing Nailer $18.00
Hitachi® Twin Stack Compressor with Masterforce® 50′ x 3/8″ Air Hose $16.00
Concrobium Fogger Machine $19.00
Malco® Foamboard Stapler $25.00
Bosch® 14-Amp Reciprocating Saw $8.00
Qualcraft Shingle Shark $22.00
CCI® American Contractor® 10-3 50′ Outdoor Cord $5.00
Masterforce® Coil Roofing Nailer $17.50
Masterforce® 1/2″ and 3/4″ Dual Pex Crimper $8.00
Masterforce® Metal Connector Nailer $30.00
Masterforce® 1″ Pex Crimper $8.00
Masterforce® 18-Gauge Brad Nailer $18.00

Flooring Tools & Sanders Rental

Clarke® American Sanders® Drum Sander $34.00
Orbital Floor Sander $23.00
MK Diamond Floor Scraper $36.00
Bostitch® 18-Gauge Engineered Flooring Stapler in Stack-On® Tool Box $20.00
Roberts® 100-lb. Linoleum Roller $10.00
Carpet Installation Tool Kit $8.00
FlorCraft® 7″ Tile Saw with Stand $35.00
Roberts® Grooved Carpet Seam Iron in Stack-On® Tool Box $8.00
Roberts® Carpet Stretcher $18.00
Bostitch® Industrial Floor Stapler in Stack-On® Tool Box $20.00
Floor Edger $17.00
Duo-Fast® CarpetPro™ Electric Carpet Stapler $12.00
Roberts® Adjustable Knee Kick in Stack-On® Tool Box $8.00

Lawn Equipment Rental

Yardworks® 36″ Lawn Roller $8.00
Yardworks® 40″ Tow-Behind Dethatcher $8.00
Masterforce® Post Hole Digger $6.00
Yardworks® Post Driver $6.00

Scaffolding & Ladder Rental

6′ Stackable Baker-Style Utility Scaffold (1 Day Base Rental) $8.00
UST 60″ x 60″ Steel Scaffold H-Frame (1 Day Base Rental) $1.00
Keller® KPro 5128 28′ Type IA Fiberglass D-Rung Extension Ladder $20.00
Keller® KPro 972 12′ Type IA Fiberglass Step Ladder $12.00
UST 7′ Frame-Style Scaffold Diagonal Brace (1 Day Base Rental) $1.00
UST 60” Scaffold Guard Rail End Panel (1 Day Base Rental) $1.00
UST 4″ x 4″ Steel Scaffold Base Plate (1 Day Base Rental) $1.00
UST 7′ x 15″ Steel Scaffold Guard Rail Side Panel (1 Day Base Rental) $1.00
UST 18” Scaffold Leveling Jack (1 Day Base Rental) $1.00
UST 19″ x 7′ Aluminum Plywood Walk Board (1 Day Base Rental) $1.00
UST 8″ Double-Locking Mylar Indoor Scaffold Caster (1 Day Base Rental) $1.00

Drywall Tool Rental

Drywall Lift $12.00
Mud Boss™ Classic Pattern Pistol $12.00
Senco® Corded Auto-Feed Drywall Screw Gun $18.00

Floor Cleaners, Air Movers & Power Washing Rental

Rug Doctor® Wide Shampooer (1 Day Base Rental) $39.99
Rug Doctor 1800 PSI Pressure Washer (1 Day Base Rental) $34.99
Earthwise™ 1850 PSI Electric Pressure Washer $23.00
Xtreme Garage® Multipurpose Utility Air Mover $14.00
Rug Doctor Carpet Blower (1 Day Base Rental) $19.99
Rug Doctor® Standard Shampooer (1 Day Base Rental) $39.99
Steel Scrub Brush $10.00
Poly Scrub Brush $10.00
Floor Polisher with Pad Assembly $20.00
36″ Commercial Drum Fan $20.00
Rug Doctor® Hand Tool Set (1 Day Base Rental) $4.97

Insulation Blower Rental

Krendl™ Insulation Blower $25.00

Concrete Tool Rental

Kushlan Products™ K-PRO 350 Cement Mixer $30.00
Bosch Concrete Saw $40.00
Bosch Brute™ Turbo Electric Jack Hammer $50.00
Bosch SDS-max Demolition Hammer $43.00
Bosch 12″ Saw Blade Segment Rim $25.00
Bosch Electric Demolition Hammer $40.00
Masterforce Bull Float and Extension Handle $11.00
MK Diamond Mason Wet Saw $38.00
Tool Shop 13″ Guillotine Block Splitter $16.00

Menards Truck Rental Features

  • Starts at $18.95 for the first 75 minutes
  • The truck must be returned before the close of the working day.
  • Model and brand may differ depending on the store
  • The Rental Deposit (the amount determined at the moment of renting) is due upon rental. After the return of the vehicle and if it is found that the car does not need any damage, the Deposit will be returned to the rental company. The Deposit will be returned.
  • The weekend surcharge is possible.
  • $5.00 per additional fifteen minutes (rounded to the next quarter-hour)
  • 8″ truck bed
  • A fee of $0.40 per mile of driving
  • Great for transporting huge purchases
  • Menards offers hand controls to guests who need them to operate the vehicles. If you need such an alternative, please call the local store. We will be able to accommodate the requests for hand control as quickly as is feasible, and we may need more than a few days’ notice based on the location in which accommodations have requested the availability of hand controls and any other delay beyond our control.

Menards Truck Rental Requirements

It is required to be a minimum of 21 years old, and possess a current and valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and an active credit card.

Your insurance card must have effective dates, business names, and insurance numbers.

The truck rental is available for up to 75 minutes of rental time and is an excellent choice for those who do not have an automobile or trailer.

Menards Equipment and Truck Rental Services

This Menards Pickup & Go Truck is a unique rental service that lets the user rent a vehicle to bring things you’ve bought home instead of waiting for items to arrive at your house.

There is no requirement to purchase any items to take advantage of the rental services. To lease the truck, you must be age 21, possess proof of insurance, and possess an active driver’s license.

If you’re planning to Menards to rent a truck and you’re insured, your card needs to display your policy number as well as the company name and dates of effective.

The payment is made with a credit card, so you’ll also require it. In addition, if you rent the truck, you will have people to assist with the products.

The assistance offered is not required, however, but can be very useful when you have ordered a huge product.

The trucks are available for rental for a minimum period of 75 minutes. This is a great option for those who prefer to be hands-on in securing items.

It’s also beneficial for those who need to order lots of products but do not have a truck or trailer.

Be aware that the truck’s name, brand, and model vary by store, and the truck must be returned by the business day.

There are various options available, so visit the local store to find out the available rental options.

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FAQs – Menards Truck Rental

Q. How much is the truck rental at Menards?  

A. First, 75 minutes The first 75 minutes $18.95 Every 15 minutes (After the initial 75 minutes) $5.00 Fuel Surcharge $5.00 fuel surcharge (One Hour Fee) $4.75 $4.75 See the above post to view the rest of the their pricing options.

Q. How much does it cost to rent Menards lawn equipment?  

A. 4 Hour Base Rental Unless Otherwise Specified. Yardworks(r) 36” Lawn Roller – $8.00 Masterforce(r) Post Hole Digger – $6.00 Yardworks(r) Post Driver – $6.00 Yardworks(r) 40” Tow-Behind Dethatcher – $8.00

Q. How much does it cost to rent a truck for a week at Menards?  

A. 7-Days (Weekly) – $649.99.

Q. How much does it cost to rent a concrete saw at Menards?  

A. 4-Hour Base Rental Unless Otherwise Specified. Bosch(r) Concrete Saw – $40.00

Q. How much does it cost to rent an orbital floor sander at Menards?  

A. 4-Hour Base Rental Unless Otherwise Specified. Orbital Floor Sander – $23.00

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