Kubota K008-3 Mini Excavator (0.8 TONNE) Price, Specs, Review, Features

Kubota K008-3 Mini Excavator Price, Specs, Review, Features, Images

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For sheer productivity, no other ultra-compact excavator measures up to the Kubota K008-3. Powered by a Kubota 10.3 Horsepower engine, renowned worldwide for their exceptional reliability,

the Kubota K008-3 Mini Excavator sets the standard for all other excavators in its class. Featuring a spacious and comfortable operator area, the Kubota K008-3 Mini Excavator is the ideal choice for tough jobs where space is limited.

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Kubota K008-3 Mini Excavator Price

Kubota K008-3 Mini Excavator

Price: $19,495

Kubota K008-3 Mini Excavator Key Features

Kubota K008-3 Mini Excavator Key Features


  • Full open bonnet layout provides easy access for daily inspection and maintenance.
  • Protected bucket hoses built into the dipper arm eliminate damage during operation.
  • Front pin bushings increase life of wear components.


  • Powered by a 10.3HP Kubota engine renowned worldwide for their exceptional reliability and maximum performance.
  • Bucket breakout force of 1000kg provides the power to get the job done.
  • Generous operator space ensures superior comfort during those long hours.


  • Adjustable track width for greater flexibility and superior stability when tackling even the toughest jobs.
  • Two Pattern Selection System offers the flexibility to choose between ISO or SAE pattern to suit the individual operators needs.
  • Pedal operated boom swing for easy operation and operator convenience.
  • Equipped with a swing angle of 60° allowing the operator to dig a straight trench along any wall.

Kubota K008-3 Specs

Model K008-3
 Type of ROPS N/A
 Type of tracks Rubber
Model Kubota D722-E3
Output (SAE J1995 gross) HP (kW)/rpm 10.3 (7.7) / 2050
Output (SAE J1349 net) HP (kW)/rpm 10.1 (7.5) / 2050
Displacement (cc) 719
Overall length (mm) 2750
Overall height (mm) 2230
Overall width (mm) 860 / 700
Min. ground clearance (mm) 150
Hydraulic system
Pump capacity (I/min) 21
Auxiliary hydraulic flow (I/min) 21
Max. breakout force (Bucket) kgf 1000
Max. breakout force (Arm) kgf 460
Drive system
Travel speed (km/h) 2.0 / 4.0
Max. traction force (kgf) 770
Tumbler distance (mm) 900
Crawler length (mm) 1230
Shoe width (mm) 180
Ground contact pressure (kgf/cm2) 0.25
Swing system
Unit swing speed (rpm) 8.3
Boom swing angle (left) (degree) 55
Boom swing angle (right) (degree) 60
Dimensions (width) (mm) 700 / 860
Dimensions (height) (mm) 200
Max. lift above ground (mm) 200
Max. drop below ground (mm) 180
 Hydraulic oil (reservoir / system) (l/min) 12.5 / 17.0
 Fuel reservoir (l/min) 12
 Operating weight (kgs) 1000
 Operator weight (canopy) (kgs)

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Resource: http://www.kubota.com.au/product/k008-3/

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