Kubota KX018-4 Mini Excavator Price, Specification, Features & Review

Kubota KX018-4 Specs, Price, Review, Overview

Here in this post, you can get to know about the Kubota kx018-4 price, Kubota kx018-4 specs, Kubota kx018-4 review, Kubota kx018-4 manual, Kubota kx018-4 attachments and more.

The Kubota KX018-4 Mini Excavator is designed to handle the heaviest of loads in the tightest of places.

With a roomy operators area, the Kubota KX018-4 Mini Excavator is jam-packed with features to increase productivity and comfort.

Kubota KX018-4 Mini Excavator Powered by a reliable 17HP engine, experience powerful digging force and a wider working range than ever before.

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Kubota KX018-4 Mini Excavator Price

Kubota KX018-4 Mini Excavator Overview


Price: $49,500 USD

Kubota KX018-4 Mini Excavator Key Features

Kubota KX018-4 Mini Excavator Key Features


  • Integrated travel motor hoses within the track frame to reduce downtime.
  • Topside positioned boom cylinder for increased reliability and prevents cylinder damage.
  • Consolidated components to one side for easy single sided maintenance.


  • Double flanged track rollers improve stability and travel performance.
  • Powered by a Kubota D902 17HP engine, for maximum digging performance.
  • Powerful and well balanced, designed to dig faster and harder in the toughest of conditions with a bucket breakout force of 1630KG.


  • Two Pattern Selection System provides the operator the versatility to be able to switch between ISO and SAE Pattern.
  • Great if you have more than one person operating the machine.
  • Tracks can be expanded up to 1,300mm to offer stability or retracted to 990mm to fit through narrow pathways for greater flexibility.
  • Auto travel shift system enables shifting from high to low range for a smoother operation when dozing or turning.


  • Ergonomically designed controls with a new suspension seat help reduce operator fatigue during those long days.
  • New digital panel puts all functions at your fingertips for operator convenience.
  • ROPS and FOPS certified for ease of mind when entering any job site.

Kubota KX018-4 Specs

Kubota KX018-4 Mini Excavator Specifications

Model KX016-4
 Type of ROPS Canopy
 Type of tracks Rubber
Model Kubota D902-BH
Output (SAE J1995 gross) HP (kW)/rpm 17.0 (12.7) / 2300
Output (SAE J1349 net) HP (kW)/rpm 15.2 (11.3) / 2300
Displacement (cc) 898
Overall length (mm) 3710
Overall height (mm) 2330
Overall width (mm) 1300 / 990
Min. ground clearance (mm) 160
Hydraulic system
Pump capacity (I/min) 17.3 × 2 / 10.4 × 1 / 6.2 × 1
Auxiliary hydraulic flow (I/min) 27.7
Max. breakout force (Bucket) kgf 1630
Max. breakout force (Arm) kgf 840
Drive system
Travel speed (km/h) 2.2 / 4.0
Max. traction force (kgf) 2230
Tumbler distance (mm) 1230
Crawler length (mm) 1585
Shoe width (mm) 230
Ground contact pressure (kgf/cm2) 0.26
Swing system
Unit swing speed (rpm) 9.1
Boom swing angle (left) (degree) 75
Boom swing angle (right) (degree) 60
Dimensions (width) (mm) 1300 / 990
Dimensions (height) (mm) 230
Max. lift above ground (mm) 230
Max. drop below ground (mm) 230
 Hydraulic oil (reservoir / system) (l/min) 15.5 / 28
 Fuel reservoir (l/min) 21
 Operating weight (kgs) 1700
 Operator weight (canopy) (kgs)

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Resource: http://www.kubota.com.au

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3 years ago

Whats great about it. You just copied the info from the Kubota site. This was not a review and did not include all specs like for instance, how deep does it dig? Thats very important number but not included in your “review”.