Kubota KX91-3S2 Mini Excavator Price, Specs, Features & Review

Kubota KX91-3S2 Mini Excavator (3.2 – 3.4 TONNE) Price, Specs, Weight, Review, Overview

Kubota KX91-3S2 Mini Excavator (3.2 - 3.4 TONNE) Overview

The Kubota KX91-3S2 Mini Excavator gives a new level of superior performance,  providing you to dig deeper, reach further and work more efficiently.

The Kubota KX91-3S2 Mini Excavator comes with features to get the job done in comfort and on time. With powerful breakout force, clean-running engine and hydraulic versatility, boost your efficiency and productivity with the Kubota KX91-3S2 Mini Excavator.

So here in this post, you can get to know about the Kubota KX91-3S2 Specifications, Price Key Features, Review Video & Images.

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Kubota KX91-3S2 Mini Excavator Price

Kubota KX91-3S2 Mini Excavator Key Features

Price:$50,500 USD (approx)

Kubota KX91-3S2 Mini Excavator Key Features


  • Two rear corner protectors ensure no damage to the engine bonnet or side covers when working in tight spaces.
  • Protected cylinder hoses inside the arm and under the boom.


  • Kubota KX91-3S2 powered by a Kubota D1703 29.6HP engine, renowned worldwide for their outstanding performance and reliability.
  • An Auto idle system helps operators reduce operating costs, by idling down the revs of the machine when control levers are in neutral.
  • Wide working range and a powerful breakout force of 2785KG tackles even the toughest jobs.
  • Suitable equivalent auxiliary flow for optimising performance; can pre-set flows for individual attachments.


  • Two Pattern Selection System gives the operator the versatility to be able to switch between ISO and SAE pattern.
  • Great if you have more than one person operating the machine.
  • 2-speed travel switch is mounted on the dozer lever for easy operation and control for travel speed changes.
  • Third line hydraulic return allows oil to flow back to tank without running through the control valves when working with one-way hydraulic attachments.
  • This contributes to less oil contamination and greater oil flow efficiency.


  • The spacious operating area with suspension seat for greater operator comfort.
  • User-friendly operation along with ergonomically designed controls for excellent operator comfort hour after hour.
  • Digital panel gives the operator all they need to know about their machine in one comfortable location.

Kubota KX91-3S2 Specs

Kubota KX91-3S2 Mini Excavator Specifications

 Type of ROPS  Canopy / Cab
 Type of tracks  Steel / Rubber
Model  Kubota D1703-M-E3
Output (SAE J1995 gross) HP (kW)/rpm  29.6 (22.1) / 2250
Output (SAE J1349 net) HP (kW)/rpm  28.3 (21.1) / 2250
Displacement (cc)  1647
Overall length (mm)  4760
Overall height (mm)  2440 / 2440 (canopy/cab)
Overall width (mm)  1550
Min. ground clearance (mm)  295
Hydraulic system
Pump capacity (I/min)  41.4 variable x 2 / 20.9 Gear x 1
Auxiliary hydraulic flow (I/min)  63
Max. breakout force (Bucket) kgf  2785
Max. breakout force (Arm) kgf  1629
Drive system
Travel speed (km/h)  3.1 / 4.8
Max. traction force (kgf)  2540
Tumbler distance (mm)  1560
Crawler length (mm)  2000
Shoe width (mm)  300
Ground contact pressure (kgf/cm2)  –
Swing system
Unit swing speed (rpm)  9.4
Boom swing angle (left) (degree)  80
Boom swing angle (right) (degree)  50
Dimensions (width) (mm)  1550
Dimensions (height) (mm)  335
Max. lift above ground (mm)  370
Max. drop below ground (mm)  370
 Hydraulic oil (reservoir / system) (l/min) 36 / 55
 Fuel reservoir (l/min) 50
 Operating weight (kgs) 3325 / 3420
 Operator weight (canopy) (kgs) 225 / 3320

Kubota KX91-3S2 Mini Excavator Review Video

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