Types of Dump Trucks with Pictures

Types of Dump Trucks in Construction Equipment’s

Types of Dump Trucks with Pictures

Types of Dump Trucks with Pictures: A dump truck is known in the UK as a tipper and dumper truck. It is used for carrying loose material like gravel, sand, and destruction waste for construction.

A typical dump truck is designed with an open-box bed, which is hinged at the rear and comes with hydraulic rams to lift the front, providing the material in the bed to be deposited (“dumped”) on the ground behind the truck at the site of transfer.

In India, UK, and Australia the term refers to off-road construction plants only, and the road vehicle is known as a tip-truck, tip-trailer, tipper (Australia), and tipper lorry (UK, India).

So, Here in this post, you can get to know about the types of dump trucks with pictures, I hope it is helpful to you my friends, Ok So let’s start it.

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1. Off-Road Dump Trucks

Off-Road Dump Trucks

It is also known as articulated trucks. Off-roads are big trucks used primarily for mining construction operations or in locations where a large number of aggregate requirements to be dragged.

Off-highway dump trucks are heavy construction equipment and share little similarity to highway dump trucks. There are 2 main forms:  (1) Articulating frame and (2) Rigid frame.

Off-Road dump trucks are able of handling loads larger than 40 tons and up to 60 tons. Articulated dump trucks have a hook in between the cab and the bed box.


2. Transfer Dump Trucks

Transfer Dump Truck

A transfer dump is a standard dump truck hauling a separate trailer with a movable cargo container, which can also be designed with construction all asphalt, klinkers, snow, wood chips, triple mix, gravel, sand, etc.

The Key features of transfer dump trucks are that the separate trailer has a movable cargo container. This features will maximize loads capacity without wasting maneuverability.

Transfer dump trucks normally haul between 26 and 27 short tons (23.6 and 24.5 t; 23.2 and 24.1 long tons) of total per load, each truck is capable of 3-5 loads per day, usually speaking.


3. Side Dump Trucks

Side Dump Trucks

A side dump truck consists of a 3-axle tractor pulling a 2-axle semi-trailer.  It is one of the fastest dump trucks to unload.

side dump truck has hydraulic rams which turn the dump body onto its side, losing the material to either the left or right side of the trailer.

The main benefits of the side dump are that it provides rapid unloading and can carry more weight in the western  USA.

In addition, it is almost free to upset (tipping over) while dumping, unlike the semi end dumps which are very likely to tipping over.


4. Standard Dump Trucks

Standard Dump Trucks

It is a regular dump truck is the most popular one used in the construction industry. It is a truck chassis with a dump body installed to the frame.

The bed is supported by a vertical hydraulic ram mounted under the front of the body, or a horizontal hydraulic ram and lever system between the frame rails, and the back of the bed is connected at the back of the truck.

The basic arrangements for standard dump trucks include the 6-wheeler and 10-wheeler. They give excellent maneuverability, but, they can not be used over soft soils.


5. Semi-trailer end dump trucks

Semi-trailer end dump trucks

A semi end dump is a tractor-trailer combination wherein the trailer itself includes the hydraulic lift.

In the United States a standard semi end dump has a Three-axle tractor pulling a Two-axle trailer with dual tires, in the EU trailers often have Three axles and single tires.

The main benefit of a semi end dump is a big payload. The main drawback is that they are very unpredictable when raised in the dumping position limiting their use in many applications where the dumping location is additional or off level. 


Final Words

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REFERENCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dump_truck

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