Hyundai H100 Price, Specs, Review, Features

Hyundai H100 Mini Truck Van Price, Specs, Review, Mileage, Interior, WIKI, Overview

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Hyundai H-100 sets the new standard for light trucks with higher versatility and flexibility to help meet your daily business requirements. Hyundai H100 Price starts at Php1,190,000 with a shuttle body.

hyundai h100 review specifications philippines dimensions engine wiki

Hyundai H100 Price

Price: $16,640

Hyundai H100 Key Features

Hyundai H100 Efficient cargo space:

Hyundai H100 Efficient cargo space

  • The Hyundai H100 trunk is only 775mm high for more convenient cargo loading and unloading.

Hyundai H100 High-performance 2.5ℓ Diesel (Natural Aspiration):

Hyundai H100 High-performance 2.5ℓ Diesel (Natural Aspiration)

  • Hyundai H100  provides 130 ps and 26.0kg·m torque! The eco-friendly engine re-circulates exhaust gases back to the engine to reduce nitrous oxide pollutants.

Hyundai H100 More powerful and safer brake system:

Hyundai H100 More powerful and safer brake system

  • Hyundai H100 has a shorter braking distance because of the powerful braking performances of 15-inch brakes and 8+9 inch booster.

Hyundai H100 Exterior:

Hyundai H100 Exterior

  • Wide view outside mirror

A useful and meaningful safety improvement, mainly when parking, wide-angle exterior mirrors give a general rear view.

  • Cargo space

Hyundai H100 Cargo space intended for work with a lower deck height of just 775mm and an unobstructed load area,

the Hyundai H100  truck makes fast and effective work of loading and unloading cargo weights of up to 1000 kg.

Latching side walls and a bolting tailgate add extra security and cargo security

  • Tool-box

The exterior attached toolbox is available in three large sizes to transport and guard your tools.

Hyundai H100 Interior:

  • A truly supportive driver’s seat

Hyundai H100  truck slides and lies to keep you warm and relaxed. Lumbar support is exclusive to higher grades.

  • Seatback console

When you fold middle seat, you can find two cup holders and tray

Further, the small box, behind the tray to open manually,

Hyundai H100 truck is given some space to hold maps and paperwork for a comfortable journey.

  • Bottle storage & door map pocket

Documents, maps, or even light snacks are simply stored and ready for use in the door attached storage pockets.

  • Room lamp & sunglass holder

Hyundai H100 truck central interior lighting with a built-in holder for the driver’s sunglasses is just one more example of Hyundai’s care to detail, quality and driver well being.

  • Glove box

A cool box in a light truck? With the Hyundai H100 truck naturally, while the upper tray holds personal and business items conveniently available to hand. The combined cup holder is detachable for simple dusting.

Hyundai H100 Performance:

Hyundai H100 Performance

  • 2.6L Diesel (Natural Aspiration)

Fuel type : Diesel
Displacement : 2,497 cc
Max. Power : 130ps / 3,800rpm
Max. Torque : 26.0kg·m / 1,500~3,500rpm

  • Chassis

Hyundai H100 truck Tough 100 x 50 mm steel section chassis with double wishbone and torsion bar, front suspension and rear leaf springs, driven by a choice of 2.6 naturally aspirated or 2.5 turbo diesel engines, makes the Hyundai H100 truck an excellent performer.

  • Variability and flexibility

Hyundai H100 truck short and long wheelbases with high and low platforms, allow the Hyundai H100 truck to be well configured to suit your business requirements.

Your Hyundai H100 truck commercial vehicle dealer will be happy to teach and consult on all the opportunities

Hyundai H100 Safety:

Hyundai H100 Safety

  • Locking Differential (LD)

When driving over soft, dark or rough road outsides, you can quickly drop traction and control of the vehicle.

The Hyundai H100 truck Locking Differential assures that you get maximum traction.

Hyundai H100 truck is automatically activated at speeds over 30kph and is more efficient than a Limited Slip Differential (LSD).

  • Brakes to depend on

Hyundai H100 truck 15-inches, disc brakes are amply sized and they are freed for fade-free braking. A tandem 8+9 inch booster assure that the stopping power of the Hyundai H100 truck matches the dynamic performance.

  • Power window switch & Auto door lock

Hyundai H100 truck Intuitively simple to work, these are the switches for power windows and central locking. Hyundai H100 truck Fine design highlights even the tiniest details.

Hyundai H100 Convenience:

Hyundai H100 Efficient cargo space

  • Sedan-inspired cluster

Hyundai H100 truck Tools that are large, easy to read and fully in vision. High-quality information effortlessly and elegantly presented is a hallmark of the Hyundai H100 truck.

  • Power & tilt steering

Hyundai H100 truck Correct power steering decreases driving effort, increasing safety. The optional tilting steering wheel further personalizes this benefit to the private operator.

  • All-round ventilation

Hyundai H100 truck Centrally mounted with simple and effective dial controls keeps the operator and passenger fresh and alert. Hyundai H100 truck Air conditioning is also optionally available.

Hyundai H100 Truck Specifications

Hyundai H100 Truck Specifications

Category Light Truck
Model Name H-100
Seats 2
Engine Label 2.6L / 2.5L  Diesel Engine
Displacement 2,607 cc
Bore x Stroke (mm) 91.1 x 100
Compression Ratio 22.0 : 1
Max.Power (ps/rpm) 79 / 4000
Max.Torque (kg.m/rpm) 17 / 2200
Transmission Type 5 Speed Manual 
Clutch Hydraulic control single dry plate
Disc. Facing Diameter 225 x 3.5 (Outside x Thickness)
Brakes Hydraulic emergency brake, combined with service brake
Front Brake Disc 261.2 x 53 x 11
Rear Brake Drum 232.2 x 55 x 4.5
Booster Size 8 + 9 Tandem 8.0 : 1
WHL Type Steel
WHL Size Front 6J x 15 Rear 6J x 15
Tire Size Front 195 / 70R 15C-6PR
Tire Size Rear 195 / 70R 15C-8PR
Spare Tire Full Size 1ea
Deck HIGH Cab STD Yes
Wishbone Front Double wishbone & Torsion bar spring
Leaf Spring Rear Semi-elliptic laminated leaf spring
Hydraulic Double Acting Telescopic Shock Absorber on front & rear axle

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