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Mahindra RoadMaster G75 Price Overview

Mahindra RoadMaster G75 Construction Equipment

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Mahindra RoadMaster G75 Price in India

Mahindra RoadMaster G75 Price in India

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Mahindra RoadMaster G75 Key Features

Mahindra RoadMaster G75 Key Features


  • Its fuel efficiency down to an incredible 4.5* litres per hour
  • 10%* more savings with Mahindra’s DITEC engine, 83 Ps (HP) Turbocharged intercooled diesel engine
  • Fuel efficient, compact 4 cylinder, 3532cc engine, BS III pollution compliant.


  • Hydraulic Oil: 50 litres with 2000 hours change interval,
  • Rear Axle Oil (Differential): 14.5 litres with 1500 hours change interval,
  • Engine Oil: 13.5 litres with 500 hours change interval,
  • Transmission Oil: 16 litres with 1000 hours change interval.


  • The 3000 mm Mouldboard comes with an option of having its size reduced by 400 mm.
  • Depending on the requirement the blade size can be reduced by 200 mm on bot sides.
  • The cutting edge has a lasting life of about 600 hrs on standard operation cycle.


  • Mahindra believes that the most important part of the machine, is the person operating it.
  • Ergonomic layout and seating – all controls are smooth and easy to reach, Spacious Canopy, Lockable storage, and Mobile charging.

Optional Attachments:

  • The RoadMaster comes with the option of having additional fitments viz the Ripper and Dozer for added versatility.
  • The Ripper is perfect for ripping hard compacted surfaces before grading while the Dozer helps with spreading.

Mahindra RoadMaster G75 Specifications

Mahindra RoadMaster G75 Specifications

Model Mahindra DITEC 480 IA BSIII CEV
Form of Air Aspiration Turbo Charged
No of Cylinders 4
Bore 96mm
Stroke 122 mm
Displacement 3532cc
High idle rpm 2500 rpm
Low ideal rpm 850 rpm
cooling system water cooled
Type of fuel Diesel
Gross Horse Power 58.8 kW (79.95 HP) @ 2300 rpm
Peak gross torque 306 Nm 1300-1700 rpm
Electrical System Voltage 12 V
Gross vehicle weight 7740 kg
FAW 20160 kg
RAW 5680 kg
Speed @ gear (kmph) Forward Reverse
1st 4.5 to 6 6.0 to 7.5
2nd 7.5 to 9.0 9.0 to 10.5
3rd 17.5 to 19.5
4th 34.0 to 38.0
Turning radius outside tyre R1 10 m
Steering angle inner wheel 45 degrees
Steering angle outer wheel 32 degrees
Base Length of MB 2600 mm
Thickness of Moldboard 16 mm
Blade Height H19 516 mm
Standard Length of Cutting Edge WB 2600 mm
{3 piece cutting edge}
{1100 + 1100 + 400}
Standard Length of Cutting Edge
with Side Extension
WB 3000 mm
{4 piece cutting edge}
{1100 + 1100 + 400+ 400}
Width of Cutting Edge 152 mm
Thickness of Cutting Edge 16 mm
Width C 200 mm
Thickness 16 mm
Blade Pull force (Kgs ) 3500 max
Blade Down force (Kgs) 3500 max
Distance between mid & rear axle L9 1850 mm
Distance between front & middle axle A 4300 mm
Wheel Base L3 5225 mm
Distance- Front axle to Moldboard 
Blade base
L12 1691 mm
Transport length L1 7835 mm
Ground Clearance below front axle beam H18 528 mm
Minimum Ground Clearance H4 467 mm
Max vehicle height H1 3290 mm
Track width- Front W3F 1674 mm
Track Width Rear W3R 1654 mm
Width- outside front tires W1F 2021 mm
Width- outside rear tires W1R 2001 mm
Width Transport 
(Without blade extensions)
WW7 2327 mm
Width Transport 
(With blade extensions)
WW7’ 2667 mm
Distance Outside front tyre and blade
(Without blade extensions)
B 153 mm
Distance Outside front tyre and blade 
(With blade extensions)
B’ 323 mm
Circle rotation angle AB 30 deg from transverse of vehicle
Circle Drive Hydraulic cylinders with no
end mechanical stoppers
Blade side shift (LH/ RH) W15 513 mm
Blade tilt angle/ Bank cut angle
(LH/RH) at ground level measured
on blade
A9 20’ / 15’]
Blade tilt angle/ Bank cut angle 
(LH/RH) at ground level measured 
on drawbar
A9’ [25.6’ / 20’]
Blade pitch angle at ground line A11 Forward     40’
Backward     15’
Blade without extension outside 
front tyre with blade positioned 
parallel to wheel axis
W9 289.5mm
Blade outside
front tyre with blade positioned 
parallel to wheel axis
‘W9 489.5mm
Blade lift at normal blade pitch angle H20 400 mm
Max blade cut depth below ground at nominal blade angle D 300 mm
Attachment oscillation angle E Upward     15 deg
Downward     15 deg
Model Name Carraro 4WDTransmission
Gear Ratios Forward / Reverse
1st 5.603 / 4.643
2nd 3.481 / 2.884
3rd 1.585 / 1.313
4th 0.793 / 0.657
Torque converter ratio 2.64
Type None Driven, Steerable Central Pivoted
Loading Capacity(TON) 8
Type Driven, Non Steerable, Rigid
Reduction ratio, Differential 2.75
Reduction Wheel end 6.932
Total Reduction Ratio 19.04
Type Driven, Non Steerable, Central Pivoted
Reduction ratio, Differential 2.75
Reduction Wheel end 6.932
Total Reduction Ratio 19.04
Tyre Spec 13 x 24-12 PR
SLR 600
DLR 603
Wheel Rim Size 9×24
Front / Middle / Rear 44 psi
Service Brake type Foot operated hydraulically actuated oil immersed disc in middle axle
Parking brake type Hand operated, mechanically, actuated oil immersed disc in middle axle
Type Power Steering
steering Valve Load sensing with priority valve 200 cc
Other feature Emergency steering in case of pump failure
System Voltage 12 V
Battery Rating 12 V, 100 AH
Alternator type 12 V, 90Amp
System Open Centre
Pump Type Fixed Displacement Tandem Gear Pump
21 cc + 21 cc
Max Pump Flow rate 46 [email protected] 2300 rpm
Max Working pressure 180 bar
Refill qty 50 litres
System Capacity 60 litres
Other Feature Load Holding with pressure refill valves for lift and sensing cylinder
Hydraulic tank 50 litres @ 2000 hrs
Fuel tank 85 litres
Engine coolant 17 litres @ 1000 hrs
Engine oil 13.5 litres @ 500 hrs
Transmission 16 litres @ 1000 hrs
Middle axle or Rear axle
14.5 Litres (On each wheel end) @ 1500 hrs
Middle Axle or Rear Axle
(Final Drive)
1.5 litres (On each wheel end) @ 1500 hrs
Ripper 5 tine
Dozer 1.8 meter Width

Mahindra RoadMaster G75 Video

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Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Construction Equipment Gate No. 2, 1st Floor, Powerol Building, Akurli Road, Kandivali(E), Mumbai- 400 101.

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