Case 770EX Backhoe Loader Price in India, Specification, Images

Case 770EX Price in India, Specification, Images, Features

Case 770EX Backhoe Loaders

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Case 770EX Backhoe Loaders Price in India

Case 770EX Backhoe Loaders Key Features

Price starts at Rs. 24 Lakh.

Case 770EX Backhoe Loaders Key Features

Standard Equipment:

  • Speedometer, RPM Meter, Digital Hour Meter
  • Fuel Level Indicator, Engine Coolant Gauge
  • New Generation Electrical Switches
  • 2 Front & 4 Rear Lights
  • Direction Indicator, Parking Light
  • Spacious Battery Box
  • FM Radio
  • Lifting Hook
  • Licence Plate

Optional Equipment:

  • 4 Wheel Drive (4X4 Traction)
  • Heavy Duty Tyres (14X25-20PR)
  • Bottom Dump Bucket (6 in 1 operation)
  • Dozer & Backfill Blade
  • Eagle Eye Telematics Solution
  • Extended Dipper (Extend Hoe)
  • Ripper Tooth
  • Wood Log Grapple
  • Limestone Scraper


  • The S8000 is a 3.9-liter 4 cylinders engine with Mechanical injection system
  • ARAI certified ed as BS3 thanks to its EGR technology.
  • Horsepower: 76hp
  • Displacement: 3.9 L
  • Maximum Torque: 332 NM
  • Flow Rate: 123 lpm @ 2200rpm
  • Steering type: Power steering
  • 4 forward and 4 reverse travel gears with power Shuttle Transmission


  • Speedometer
  • RPM meter digital hour counter fuel level indicator
  • Engine coolant temperature gauge
  • Switches for operating the working lamps, cabin fan, declutch and hazard lamps

Electrical System:

  • 2 Head lights in front with Parking lights & direction indications
  • Cabin lamps
  •  Fan
  • 2 rear working lamps for backhoe operation
  • Spacious battery box on RH side for easy access and maintenance
  • New Carling electrical switches
  • 4 Working light made standard in All TB80 machines

Case 770EX Specification

Case 770EX Backhoe Loader Specifications

Engine model code 8040.45
Type TCA
Bore x stroke 104 x 115 mm
Displacement 3.9 l
Compression ratio 18.3:1
Horsepower – rated at 2200 RPM 76 hp
Maximum torque at 1300 RPM 332 Nm
Battery 12 volts, 130 Ah
Alternator Output 65A
Transmission – Standard  
Type Power Shuttle with 4 forward and 4 reverse travel gears
1st 6.2 – 7.4
2nd 10 – 12
3rd 20.7 – Not Recom.
4th 39.2 – Not Recom.
Transmission – Optional
Make & Model CARRARO 4WD TLB1
Type Power Shuttle with 4 forward and 4 reverse travel speeds
GEAR- Forward – Reverse
1st 6.2 – 7.4
2nd 10 – 12
3rd 20.7 – Not Recom.
4th 39.2 – Not Recom.
2 Wheel Drive (Standard)
Make & Model CARRARO 28.32M
Type Rigid
4 Wheel Drive (Optional)
Model CARRARO 28.32M
Type Rigid
Differential lock Electrical/Mechanical
2 Wheel Drive (Standard)  
Model CNH PS1300
Type Steering
Front Axle Oscillation 21°
4 Wheel Drive (Optional)
Model Carraro 26.17
Type Steering
Front Axle Oscillation 16°
Service Brakes  
Type Wet multi-discs
No. of discs 4
Parking Brake
Type Manual, with lever
Type Gear pump
Flow rate 123 lpm @2200 RPM
Pressure 190 Bar
Type Power Steering
System pressure 140 Bar
Displacement 125 cc
Turning radius (Outside of the Bucket)
With Brake 4600 mm
Without Brake 5550 mm
Tread width
Front 1884 mm
Rear 1697 mm
Recommended Tyre Size
Standard – Front 9.0×16 – 16 PR
Standard – Rear 16.9×28 – 12 PR
Heavyduty – Front 12.5×18 – 12 PR
Heavyduty – rear 14×25 – 20 PR
Loader buckets
Type Standard
Heaped capacity (SAE capacity) 1.0 Cum.
Width 2277 mm
Weight 400 kg
Backhoe buckets
Heaped capacity (SAE capacity) 0.26 Cum.
Width 762 mm
Weight 240 kg
OPTIONAL BUCKETS                        Capacity (SAE L)
Loader HD 630
Loader HD 760
Loader GP 900
Loader GP 1000
Loader coal handling 1200
Loader Garbage handling (without teeth) 1500
Bull Clam 1000
Backhoe Trenching 80
Backhoe Trenching 120
Backhoe Trenching 180
Backhoe Trenching 260
Backhoe Trapezoidal 300
Ditch Cleaning (without teeth) 300
Engine Oil 11 Ltr
Transmission Oil 16 Ltr
Rear Axle Oil 18 Ltr
Hydraulic Oil 110 Ltr
Fuel Tank 129 Ltr
Coolant 20 Ltr

So this was all about the Case 770EX Backhoe Loader Price, Technical Specifications, and other essential details. I hope you got all the information which you were searching for online. And also that you enjoyed reading the article if you have any questions or doubts, you can comment below in the comment box. I will respond to you as soon as possible. And thanks for reading.

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