Bobcat UV34 Diesel – Price, Specs, Attachments, Features

Bobcat UV34 Diesel Price, Specs, Top Speed, Reviews, Attachments, Features

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Bobcat UV34 Diesel Price, Specs, Top Speed, Reviews, Attachments, Features

The diesel engine and tough chassis and suspension make the Bobcat UV34 Diesel Utility Vehicle the most versatile part of your crew. 

  • Three-cylinder diesel engine 
  • High-output alternator, offering 140-amp peak 
  • Automatic glow plugs for cold-weather starting 
  • Cargo box holds up to 1,250 lbs

The Bobcat® 23.5-hp UV34 diesel UTV is designed to take on challenging tasks, tools and hauling materials or towing heavy trailers and equipment.  

A three-cylinder diesel engine produces a flatter horsepower and torque curve to offer the performance you demand. Because the engine is under 25 horsepower, it does not need a diesel particulate filter (DPF), so no regeneration is required.  

A standard high-output alternator offers a 140-amp peak to provide generous power for high-demand attachments, radio, accessories, lights, options and devices.  

Automatic glow plugs warm the engine for reliable cold weather starting.  

The large cargo box handles up to 1,250 pounds of material and retains its strength for years.  

The Bobcat UV34 has what you need to tackle your toughest projects, including all-wheel drive, improved ground clearance, increased tow rating and convenient service access. 

Bobcat UV34 Diesel Price 

Price: $17,000 USD 

Bobcat UV34 Diesel Top Speed

Top Speed: 35 mph

Bobcat UV34 Diesel Cargo Box Bed Load Capacity

Cargo Box Bed Load Capacity: 1,250 lb

Bobcat UV34 Diesel Total Vehicle Rated Capacity

 Total Vehicle Rated Capacity: 1,900 lb

Bobcat UV34 Diesel Operating Weight

Operating Weight: 1,935 lb

Bobcat UV34 Diesel Width

Width: 62 in

Bobcat UV34 Diesel Specs

Bobcat UV34 Diesel Engine

Emissions Tier (EPA) Tier 4 
Engine Cooling Liquid 
Engine Fuel Diesel 
Horsepower 23.5 hp
Displacement 55 in³

Bobcat UV34 Diesel Performance

Operating Weight 1,935 lb
Travel Speed 35 mph
Travel Speed – Max 35 mph
Travel Speed – Low 16 mph
Travel Speed – Reverse 16 mph

Bobcat UV34 Diesel Capacities

Fuel Tank 11.5 gal
Cargo Box Bed Load Capacity 1,250 lb
Cargo Box Length 43.5 in
Cargo Box Width 54 in
Cargo Box Width 11.5 in
Cargo Box Bed Load Height 38 in
Total Vehicle Rated Capacity 1,900 lb

Bobcat UV34 Diesel Dimension

Length 123 in
Width 62 in
Height 76 in
Ground Clearance 11.7 in
Turning Radius 110 in
Wheelbase 85 in

Bobcat UV34 Diesel Features

Front and Rear Work Lights Optional 
Operating Lights Standard 
Cab Enclosure Optional
Washer/Wiper (Front Rear and Roof) Optional
Bed Lift Manual 
Cab Heater Optional 
Hydrostatic Transmission Not Applicable 
Sound Option Not Applicable 
Tilt Steering Wheel Standard 
Spark Arrestor Muffler Standard 
Heater Air Conditioning Not Applicable 

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