Best Trucks Under $30K [2024] ❤️️

Best Trucks Under $30K – When you want something cheap, workability is more important than comfort. If you’re not sure what we mean, take a look at our rankings of the best trucks under $30,000 for 2024.

Pickup trucks are one of the most popular vehicles in the United States. They come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. But the trucks under $30,000 are some of the most interesting.

These are a good balance between price and real value because they have the most important features, like good towing and hauling capacities, 4WD and off-road capabilities, and some on-road manners.

Best Trucks Under $30K

Best Trucks Under $30K

Models Price (MSRP) City/Hwy mpg Horsepower
Ford Maverick

Ford Maverick

$20,995 – $26,860 22/29 mpg 250 hp
Hyundai Santa Cruz

Hyundai Santa Cruz

$24,440 – $40,170 21/26 mpg 191 hp
Hyundai Santa Cruz

Ford Ranger

$25,980 – $39,730 21/26 mpg 270 hp
Chevrolet Colorado

Chevrolet Colorado

$26,135 – $45,200 19/25 mpg 200 hp
GMC Canyon

GMC Canyon

$27,500 – $47,200 18/25 mpg 308 hp
Nissan Frontier

Nissan Frontier

$28,690 – $38,120 18/24 mpg 310 hp
Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma

$27,150 – $44,075 18/22 mpg 278 hp

What to Consider Before Buying a Truck Under $30,000

Even the best pickup trucks under $30,000 aren’t perfect, no matter how useful. Even though they are cheap, they are still vehicles, so you have to be willing to make some sacrifices.


  • Off-road capabilities
  • High towing capacities
  • Powerful engine options
  • Easy access to 4WD
  • Extremely durable
  • Good resale value


  • On-road comfort is often lacking
  • Limited standard features
  • Even basic models cost a lot
  • Fuel economy is rather bad

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