Why Hire a Construction Accident Lawyer?

why do you need a Construction accident lawyer? 

Construction accident lawyer – Construction accidents can be fatal. Construction-related injuries are very serious. On average, there are four fatalities in the United States every day. Therefore, it is essential to know your rights if you or someone you love has been hurt on a job site.

Why Hire a Construction Accident Lawyer

Is it worth hiring a Construction accident lawyer?

Every day, construction accidents occur. It is crucial to understand your rights and where to seek help if you are hurt in an accident caused by someone else.

Although insurance policies are available for construction companies, they may not cover all aspects of the company’s liability.

Many people are left without compensation for medical expenses or lost wages even though they have insurance policies.

It is essential to hire an experienced lawyer to handle your case and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

What are the leading causes of construction accidents?

Construction accidents happen every day. Approximately 24 million workers in the United States work in construction.

They are at greater risk than other industries. These accidents can be attributed to four main reasons:

  1. Poor Planning & Preparation
  2. Inadequate supervision or training
  3. Construction Hazards
  4. Equipment failures

What can I expect from a Construction accident lawyer?

It is essential to understand what to expect from an attorney if you have been hurt on the job or if you are the family of someone who died in a construction accident.

They will first talk to you about your case to see if they can help. They will work hard to obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages such as pain and suffering.

A jury could be involved in your case if it goes to trial. This could complicate the process beyond just settling the matter.

It is best not to wait until something terrible happens before deciding on the type of lawyer or whether you even need one.

What type of accident killed the most people on construction sites?

On average, 30 people are killed each year on American construction sites. Most of these deaths result from falls from high places.

Falls are responsible for approximately 54% of workplace deaths in the US. In addition, 75% of construction workers who died on the job due to head injuries also fell from heights.

As a result, construction workers are at greater risk than in any other occupation of being killed or injured on the job.

They are six times more likely to be injured or killed than firefighters and almost twice as likely to be police officers.

Should I get a lawyer for a construction accident that was my fault?\

Is it worth the trouble of hiring a lawyer to represent me in a construction accident that was not my fault?

A lawyer can help you determine how much money and time you will need. There are many advantages to hiring a lawyer.

A lawyer can assist you with any legal issues that arise after an accident on the job.

Based on experience representing clients with similar injuries, they can advise you on what amount of compensation or settlement might be best for your case.

Can I Sue My Employer After I Get Hurt on a New York Construction Site?

You may not realize that you are working in a dangerous job. You could get hurt because of unsafe work practices by another employee or defective equipment. Do these situations give rise to a claim against my employer? Yes!

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