2023 VOLVO ECR18 Electric Price, Specs, Review, Attachments

VOLVO ECR18 Electric Compact Excavator Price, Specs, Review, Features, Attachments

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VOLVO ECR18 Electric Price, Specs, Review, Attachments

Introducing the VOLVO ECR18 Electric, a new addition to the range of Volvo electric machines, helping you work more sustainably, efficiently and peacefully. Combining all the proven success of both the conventional VOLVO ECR18 and VOLVO ECR25 Electric, the 1.8t class excavator delivers the ultimate robustness and ease of operation. 

  • Operating Weight: 3,891 lbs
  • Maximum Digging Depth (Short/long arm): 7′ 4″ – 8′ 0″ ft in
  • Battery Capacity: 16 kWh
  • Travel speed, low / high: 1.2 / 2.4 mph

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VOLVO ECR18 Electric Price

Price: $91,900 (Approx.)

VOLVO ECR18 Electric Excavator Specs

Operating weight 3,891 lbs
Maximum digging depth (short/long arm) 7′ 4″ – 8′ 0″ ft in
Maximum dump height (short/long arm) 8′ 0″ – 8′ 6″ ft in
Travel speed, low / high 1.2 / 2.4 mph
Breakout force 2,900 lbf
Tear out force (arm breakout force) (short/long arm) 1787 – 1562 lbf
Overall width 3′ 3″ – 4′ 5″ ft in
Overall length (short/long arm) 11′ 3″ – 10′ 10″ ft in
Battery voltage 48 V
Battery capacity  16 kWh
Indicative runtime (depending on application) 3 to 5 hours
Charging time Type 1 Level 1 110V ~ 10 h
Charging time Type 1 Level 2 240V ~ 5 h

VOLVO ECR18 Electric Excavator Attachments

  • General Purpose bucket – Universal cut 
  • Fixed ditching bucket 
  • Tiltable ditching bucket 
  • General purpose bucket GPX – Aggressive cut 
  • Cable bucket CAX – Aggressive Cut
  • Mechanical quick coupler

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