2023 VOLVO A45G Specs, Price, Review, Features

VOLVO A45G Articulated Hauler Price, Specs, Review, Features

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VOLVO A45G Specs, Price, Review, Features

Designed for heavy-hauling in severe off-road operations, the A45G from Volvo offers continuous productivity, proven Volvo technology and impressive comfort, contributing to sustainable operations.

VOLVO A45G Price New

Call For Price: +1-855-235-6014

VOLVO A45G Weight

Net Weight: 66,359 lbs

VOLVO A45G Horsepower

Horsepower: 469 hp

VOLVO A45G Payload Capacity

Payload Capacity: 45 sh tn

VOLVO A45G Body Volume, SAE 2:1 Heap

Body Volume: 32.8 yd³

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VOLVO A45G Specs

Payload capacity 45 sh tn
Body volume, SAE 2:1 heap 32.8 yd³
Net weight 66,359 lbs
Gross weight 156,748 lbs
Engine Volvo D16J
Max engine gross power 469 hp
Engine speed at max engine torque 1,800 rpm
Max SAE J1349 gross torque 1,862 lbf ft
…at engine speed 1,050 rpm
Max speed 35.4 mph

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