2023 Vermeer CTX50 Specs, Price, Weight, Reviews

Vermeer CTX50 Mini Skid Steer Specs, Price, Weight, Width, Lift capacity, Review, Features

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Vermeer CTX50 Specs, Price, Weight, Reviews

The Vermeer CTX50 mini skid steer can maneuver in and out of small spaces. Featuring a 600-lb (272.2-kg) ISO-rated operating capacity and a tipping capacity of 1715 lb (777.9 kg), the Vermeer CTX50 mini skid steer is well-suited to both the needs of the rental customer and landscape contractor.

What’s more, the CTX50 skid steer is track-driven, with a spring-cushioned operator platform for added safety and comfort. Versatile and equipped with a 72-in (182.9-cm) dump height, this mini skid loaVermeer CTX50 mini skid steerand time.

Vermeer CTX50 Price New 2023

Price: $35,000

Vermeer CTX50 Horsepower

Horsepower: 29.8 kw

Vermeer CTX50 Weight

Weight: 1594.4 kg

Vermeer CTX50 Lift capacity

Lift capacity: 469.5 kg

Vermeer CTX50 Specs

Vermeer CTX50 Specs

Make and Model Kohler Command PRO EFI ECH740
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity 15.1 L
Gross Horsepower 18.6 kw
Cooling System Air
Maximum Angle of Inclination 25 deg
Design Stand-on/track-drive
Length with Standard Bucket 241.3 cm
Length without Standard Bucket 190.5 cm
Width with Standard Bucket 106.7 cm
Width Without Standard Bucket 90.2 cm
Height 138.4 cm
Height (to Hinge Pin) 182.9 cm
Ground Clearance 15.2 cm
Weight (Standard Bucket, Diesel Engine) 1018.3 kg
Weight (No Bucket, Diesel Engine) 952.5 kg
Rated Operating Capacity (SAE) 272.2 kg
Ground Pressure (Narrow Tracks) 31 kPa
Travel Speed 5.6 km/h
Steering Single, pilot-operated joystick
Lift Single, dual axis
Curl Single, dual axis
Hydraulic System Flow 47.3 L/min
Hydraulic System Pressure 203.4 bar
Tank capacity 45.4 L

Vermeer CTX50 Mini Skid Steer Features

High-mounted track sprocket

The undercarriage features a high-mounted track sprocket. The Vermeer CTX50 Mini Skid Steer’s higher mounting reduces premature wear and tear in rocky soil conditions, while the cast sprocket is heat-treated for longer life.

Hydraulic pumps

The hydraulic pumps are attached directly to the engine, giving the Vermeer CTX50 Mini Skid Steer machine a greater power advantage over models directing power from the engine through the belt to the pump.

Lift loader arms

Vermeer CTX50 Mini Skid Steer Vertical geometry lift loader arms help provide an ISO-rated operating capacity of 600 lb (272.2 kg).

User-friendly joystick

The single, pilot-operated joystick offers the operator a smooth range of operation without balancing the engagement of two separate controls.

Enjoy the ride

A dedicated spring-cushioned platform keeps the operator out of the mud. When the operator steps off the platform, the integrated operator presence system suspends the ground drive and powered boom/bucket motion.

Serviceability is key

Access to the Vermeer CTX50 Mini Skid Steer engine and essential components can be found near the upper and rear portions of the machine for easy maintenance.

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