John Deere 444K Wheel Loader Specs, Price & Features

John Deere 444K Specs, Price, Features, Images, Overview

Hello, Friends! Are you planning to buy John Deere 444K Small Wheel Loader Construction Equipment? Do you know about this John Deere 444K Small Wheel Loader specification, price, review? If you Don’t know so, don’t worry my friends here in this article of mine, I will be telling you that all kinds of information in detail. I hope you guys like it.

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John Deere 444K Small Wheel Loader Price

John Deere 444K Small Wheel Loader Construction Equipment

John Deere 204K Price:  $86,618 USD

John Deere 444K Small Wheel Loader Key Facts

  • Final Tier 4 emission-certified engine
  • Multi-function color LCD monitor
  • Smart Shift ensures gear changes are smooth
  • Unique Quad-Cool™ system
  • Net Power: 92 kW (124 hp) at 2,100 rpm
  • Bucket Capacity: 1.95 m³ (2.5 cu. yd.)
  • Bucket Width: 2.54 m (8 ft. 4 in.)
  • Breakout Force: 7960 kg (17,549 lb.)

John Deere 444K Small Wheel Loader Key Features


  • FT4/Stage IV diesel meets emission regulations without sacrificing power or torque. We built on our Interim Tier 4 (IT4)/Stage IIIB solution to deliver the best combination of performance, efficiency, and reliability. This technology is simple, fluid efficient, fully integrated, and fully supported.
  • It employs field-proven cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), easy-to-maintain high-uptime exhaust filters, and selective catalytic reduction (SCR).
  • Auto-idle applies the brakes and automatically reduces engine speed to help conserve fuel after an operator-determined period of inactivity. Auto shutdown turns off the engine after extended idleness.

Transmission and Axle:

  • Auto-actuation travel speed is adjustable from 1.5 to 24.0 km/h (1.0 to 15.0 mph) in increments of 0.5 units. With ride control, the lift cylinders act as shock absorbers, cushioning bumps to allow these loaders to navigate rough ground more quickly without losing their loads.
  • Smart Shift ensures that gear changes are smooth as silk, regardless of whether the bucket is empty or fully loaded.
  • Programmable clutch cutoff increases productivity in all kinds of terrain. Simply select the slope of your dumpsite — level, small, or steep. Depressing the brake pedal disconnects the transmission while maintaining engine speed for fast boom cycles.
  • Automatic differential lock engages as soon as a tire begins to slip. It’s ideal for inexperienced operators or applications requiring high traction, such as stockpiling silage, plowing snow, and handling pipe.
  • Optional spin control boosts productivity by improving traction in troublesome material or underfoot conditions. Reduces tire wear, fuel costs, and operator fatigue, too.

Control And Steering:

  • Choose single-lever joystick or two-lever fingertip pilot-operated hydraulic controls. Joystick F-N-R selector provides convenient direction and full-range gear changes. Both include innovative Quick-Shift feature for push-button gear changes, one gear at a time.
  • Optional joystick steering is ideal for V-pattern truck loading. It adapts to the loader’s ground speed to deliver smooth control for load-and-carry applications.
  • Conveniently positioned brake and throttle pedals allow plenty of legroom for easy entrance and exit.

Cab Comfort:

  • The spacious and quiet cab boasts plenty of legroom and fatigue-beating ergonomics, including convenience features such as seat-mounted loader controls.
  • Generous tinted glass and a low-profile console allow a commanding view of the work ahead.
  • Adjustable automotive-style louvers provide effective airflow to keep the glass clear and the pressurized cab comfortable.
  • Entertainment/information choices include an AM/FM/WB/XM Satellite Radio™ with remote auxiliary and USB ports and Bluetooth® connectivity. Available premium heated air-ride armchair seat adjusts multiple ways for extra comfort and cushioning.
  • Cooler compartment and beverage holder provide plenty of room to stow your stuff.
  • Heated mirrors prevent fog and ice from obstructing visibility and impacting productivity.
  • Powered cab pre-cleaner is a smart addition in high airborne-debris environments.

John Deere 444K Specs

Engine Manufacturer John Deere
Engine Model PowerTech PSS 4045
Emission Rating Tier 4
Displacement, ltr (Inches³) 4.5 (276)
Rated Speed, rpm 2100
Engine Output – Net, kW (hp) 92 (124)
Torque, Nm (lbf / ft) 507 (374)
Torque Rise, % 34
Transmission Type Powershift
Front Differential Type Locking
Rear Differential Type Open
Tire Size – Standard 17.5 R25
Service Brake – Type Wet Multi Disc
Service Brake – Location All Wheels
Service Brake – Actuation Hydraulic
Parking Brake – Type Wet Multi Disc
Height – Over Cab, mm (ft/in) 3170 (10 ft 5 in)
Wheelbase, mm (ft/in) 2760 (9 ft 6 in)
Length – Including Bucket, mm (ft/in) 6860 (22 ft 6 in)
Ground clearance, mm (inches) 393 (15.5)
Width Over tires – Std, mm (ft/in) 2415 (7 ft 11 in)
Height – Pivot Pin, mm (ft/in) 3600 (11 ft 10 in)
Reach – At 2130mm 45° Dump, mm (ft/in) 1440 (4 ft 9 in)
Turning Circle – Maximum, mm (ft/in) 11650 (38 ft 3 in)
 Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US)) 220 (60)
 Hydraulic Tank, ltr (gallons (US)) 118.7 (31.4)
 Axle – Front, ltr (gallons (US)) 22 (5.75)
 Axle – Rear, ltr (gallons (US)) 22 (5.75)
 Transmission, ltr (gallons (US)) 18.5 (4.875)
 Heaped Capacity, m³ (yd³) 1.9 (2.5)
 Bucket Capacity – Smallest, m³ (yd³) 1.9 (2.5)
 Largest bucket capacity, m³ (yd³) 3.1 (4)
 Breakout – Bucket , kgf (lbf) 7960 (17549)
Ride Control System Optional
 System Voltage, V 24
Alternator Output, Amp 100
Pump Type Piston
Pump Flow, lt/min (gallons (US) / min) 140 (37)
System Pressure, bar (PSI) 248.21 (3600)
Dump Height, mm (ft/in) 2670 (8 ft 9 in)
Reach at Full Height, mm (ft/in) 1040 (3 ft 5 in)
Tipping Load – Straight, kg (lbs) 9263 (20421)
Operating Weight, kg (lbs) 11350 (25022)

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