2023 Ditch Witch SK3000 Specs, Price, Weight, HP, Reviews

Ditch Witch SK3000 Mini Skid Steer Specs, Price, Weight, HP, Dimensions, Width, Review, Features

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Ditch Witch SK3000 Specs, Price, Weight, HP, Reviews

Powered by a 59-hp (44 kW) Yanmar® turbo-charged diesel engine, the Ditch Witch SK3000 is the most powerful stand-on skid steer. 3,100 lbs (1,406 kg) of operating capacity accommodates larger loads and a higher volume of material. Putting power where needed most, the unit directs up to 51 horsepower to the attachment for efficient and productive use of hydraulic attachments.

Operators are no longer required to get off the machine to swap non-powered attachments, saving significant time and improving productivity. Ditch Witch SK3000 An advanced hydraulic system with an 8-, 14-, and 22-gpm flow setting offers added attachment versatility, allowing operators to select the right flow for each job. The Ditch Witch SK3000 machine can travel up to 5.8 mph forward and reverse for increased cycle times.

The best-in-class 332-in2 (843-cm 2) operator platform for superior comfort and stability during long work hours. The open, standing operator station provides full 360-degree visibility to all surroundings. An easy-on, easy-off operator platform with integrated suspension enhances operator comfort and reduces the dangers associated with climbing over an attachment to access the cab.

Ditch Witch SK3000 five-inch full-color LCD display provides direct visibility and insight into all engine diagnostics. An optional dual self-leveling kit helps keep loads level as they are raised and lowered using forks or other attachments. Ditch Witch SK3000 Four LED work lights on the front and rear of the machine offer increased visibility during night or low-light conditions.

Ditch Witch SK3000 Price New 2023

Price Start at: $85,129

Ditch Witch SK3000 Horsepower

Horsepower: 58.9 hp

Ditch Witch SK3000 Weight

Weight: 7,600 lb

Ditch Witch SK3000 Lift capacity

Lift Capacity: 3,100 pounds

Ditch Witch SK3000 Attachments

  • Buckets
  • Trenchers
  • Auger drivers
  • Pallet forks
  • Plows
  • Power rakes
  • Grapples
  • Standard bucket
  • Grapple bucket
  • Trenching bucket
  • Auger driver
  • Pallet forks
  • Plow
  • Stump grinders
  • Microtrenchers
  • Soil cultivators
  • Blades
  • Core drills
  • Vacuum lifts
  • Multitask tools
  • Backhoes
  • Hydraulic breakers

Ditch Witch SK3000 Specs

Ditch Witch SK3000 Specs


Engine Yanmar® 4TNV86CT
Number of cylinders 4
Overall height of machine 64.6 in 1640.8 mm
Bore 3.39 in 86 mm
Stroke 3.54 in 90 mm
Mfg. gross power rating (SAE J1995) 58.9 hp 43.9 kW
Rated engine speed 3,000 rpm
**Maximum tilt angle, fore and aft/side to side 30°
Emissions compliance EPA Stage V


Ground drive speed
Forward/reverse 5.8 mph 9.3 km/h
Ground pressure** (ISO/CD 16754)
12.5-in (320 mm) tracks 5.8 psi 0.39 bar
Machine weight (no attachment, fluids full) 7,600 lb 3,447 kg
Tipping capacity 8,863 lb 4,020 kg
Rated operating capacity (35% of tipping
3,102 lb 1,407 kg
Operating capacity (50% of tipping
4,432 lb 2,010 kg


Auxiliary circuit, double gear pump
Flow rate (low) 8.0 gpm 30.3 Lpm
 Flow rate (medium) 14.0 gpm 53 Lpm
Flow rate (high) 22 gpm 83.3 Lpm
Pressure 4,000 psi 275 bar
Ground drive, dual hydrostatic pumps
Pressure 5,366 psi 370 bar
Flow rate 22.2 gpm 84 Lpm


Hydraulic reservoir capacity 21.1 gal 79.9 L
Engine oil, w/filter 6.1 qt 5.8 L
Fuel tank capacity 21.1 gal 79.9 L


Operator ear sound pressure 96 dBA
Sound power 106 dBA


SAE reserve capacity rating 110 min
SAE cold crank @ 0ºF (-18ºC) 800 amps
Electrical system 12V

Ditch Witch SK3000 DIMENSIONS (STD)

Operating height, max std. bucket 152.6 in 3.88 m
Hinge pin height, max 118 in 2.99 m
Overall height of machine 64.6 in 1.64 m
Overall length of machine, 66-in bkt. 137.6 in 3.49 m
Overall length of loader, no attachment 106.8 in 2.71 m
Wheelbase/track length 51.5 in 1.31 m
Angle of departure 27.3°
Machine width 57.5 in 1.46 m
Ground clearance, min (center/side) 10.4 / 8.1 in 264.2 / 205.7 mm
Bucket width, max. 72 in 1.83 m
Bucket width, min. 60 in 1.52 m

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