BOBCAT S175 Weight, Specs, Price, HP, Reviews

BOBCAT S175 Specs, Price, HP, Reviews, Weight, Lift Capacity, Oil Capacity, Features, Attachments

BOBCAT S175 Specs – Guys!! Here in this article of mine, you can learn about the BOBCAT S175 specifications, BOBCAT S175 SKID STEER LOADER Price, reviews, Lift capacity, Oil capacity, Weight, Horsepower, Dimensions, Attachments, Key Features, and images. I hope it will be helpful to you, my friends, cause I assure you that all kinds of information are accurate and reliable. Hope you guys like it.

BOBCAT S175 Weight, Specs, Price, HP, Reviews

BOBCAT S175 Price New

✔Price: between $28,900 and $35,880 Approx

BOBCAT S175 Horsepower

✔ Horsepower: 46 hp (34 kw)

BOBCAT S175 Weight

✔ Operating Weight: 6220 lbs (2,821 kg)

Bobcat s175 weight – Specs

Bobcat s175 weight

BOBCAT S175 Engine

Engine Model V2203-M-DI
Gross Power 46 hp (34 kw)

BOBCAT S175 Hydraulic System

Pump Flow Capacity 16.9 gal/min (64 l/min)
Relief Valve Pressure 3300 psi

BOBCAT S175 Loader

Operating Load Rating 1750 lbs (794 kg)
Operating Width 68 in (173 cm)
Tipping Angle 4076 °

BOBCAT S175 Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity 24.1 gal (91 l)
Max Speed 11.1 mph (18 kph)
Operating Speed 7.3 mph (12 kph)
Operational Weight 6220 lbs (2,821 kg)

BOBCAT S175 Dimensions

Clearance at Max Lift and Dump 7.6 ft (2 m)
Height – Top of Cab 6.4 ft (2 m)
Length w/o Bucket 8.5 ft (3 m)
Length with Bucket 10.9 ft (3 m)
Reach at Max Lift and Dump 29.6 in (75 cm)
Turning Radius from Center – machine rear 78.8 in (200 cm)
Wheelbase 3.4 ft (1 m)
Width Over Tires 5.5 ft (2 m)


That’s all about the BOBCAT S175 Specs, Price, HP, Reviews, Features, Attachments. I hope you got all the information which you were searching for online. And also that you enjoyed reading the article if you have any kind of questions or doubts you can comment below in the comment box. I will respond to you as soon as possible. And thanks for reading, stay tuned to me for more stuff like this.

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Q. How many HP is a Bobcat S175?

✔ 46 hp

Q. How much weight can a Bobcat S175 lift?

✔ 1750 lbs (794 kg) Operating Load Rating

Q. How much does a Bobcat S175?

✔ between $28,900 and $35,880

Q. What years were Bobcat S175?

✔ 2002-2012

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