Boxer 700HDX Mini Skid-Steer Price, Specs, Review, Attachments

Boxer 700HDX Price, Specs, Weight, Review, Lift Capacity, Attachments, Overview

The Boxer 700HDX Mini Skid-Steer features a unique hydraulically expandable undercarriage — from 35″ to 43.5″ enabling the driver to retract the undercarriage for passages as narrow as 36″  wide then expand for increased stability while in operation by simply pulling or pushing a control lever.

With a 24.8-HP diesel engine and 11.3 gpm hydraulic auxiliary flow, the Boxer 700HDX Mini Skid-Steer gives all the power you require for tough jobs.

The Boxer 700HDX Mini Skid-Steer boasts a variety of new features, including a redesigned platform with added creature comforts, hydrostatic drive, piloted joystick controls, rubber-isolated engine and hydraulic components, tightened boom tolerances and a whole lot more!

Boxer 700HDX Mini Skid-Steer price specs features

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Boxer 700HDX Mini Skid-Steer Price

Price: $33,600 USD

Boxer 700HDX Mini Skid-Steer Key Features

  • 24.8-HP (18.5 kW) Kubota Diesel Engine
  • 1,980 lbs. (897 kg) tip capacity
  • 693 lbs. (314 kg) operation capacity (35% tip load)
  • Width of 43.5″ (110.5 cm) reduces to 34.5” (87.6 cm) to fit through a standard gate
  • Stand-on platform with generous hip padding and added creature comforts for operator safety and comfort
  • Dual hydrostatic operating system
  • Piloted joystick controls with rocker-activated auxiliaries
  • Rubber-isolated engine and hydraulic components
  • Well-balanced and stable
  • Excellent ground speed
  • Universal compact utility loader mounting plate and quick-attach system to quickly and easily switch between any standard attachment

Boxer 700HDX Specs

Type Kubota
Cooling System Liquid
HP/kW 24.8 HP 18.5 kW
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Capacity 9 Gallons 34 Litres
Hydraulic Capacity 24 Gallons 91 Litres
System Flow (Total) 27.1 GPM 103 L/min
Hydraulic Flow Aux (Hi/Lo) 11.3/8.7 GPM 43/33 L/min
Hydraulic Flow (Drive) 7.1 GPM 27 L/min
System Pressure 3000 PSI 20684 kPa
Engine Warranty 2 years
Product Warranty 1 year
Track Gauge 33.75 in 857 mm
Track Width 9 in 230 mm
Weight (No Attachment) 2670 lbs 1211 kg
Length (w/out Bucket) 77 in 1956 mm
Length (w/Bucket) 96 in 2438 mm
Width (Fully Retracted) 34.5 in 876 mm
Width (Fully Extended) 43.5 in 1105 mm
Height (Overall) 54 in 1372 mm
Height (Fully Raised) 98 in 2489 mm
Operating Capacity (35%)  693 lbs 314 kg
Tip Capacity 1980 lbs 897 kg
Hinge Pin Height (Fully Raised) 77 in 1956 mm
Dump Height 60 in 1524 mm
Dump Angle 37 Degrees 37 Degrees
Ground Clearance 5 inches 127 mm
Ground Speed 4.5 MPH 7.2 km/hq
Ground Pressure 4.12 PSI 29.7 kPa

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